Week 4

Day 26: Podcast Exposure 101

Lesson Overview

How to Build Habits to Consistently Grow Your Podcast
​The Two Fastest Ways to Grow Your Podcast Audience
How to Get Your Guests to Promote Your Show
​Map Out Your Podcast Tour
One of the big things that you need to learn about growing your show is to understand that it’s all about exposure. While we are capitalizing on monetizing your guests on the show… let’s not forget the power of growing a wide audience for your podcast! 

In todays training we go through one of the biggest strategies you can implement that will blow up your podcast. We’ll also share with you some of the secrets behind getting more podcast interviews with your target customer.
The podcast tour will help you to get featured on other podcasters shows. The Publicity Sheet will help you to get onto other guests shows more easily.

How Long Should This Lesson Take?

You can plan out your podcast tour in 30 minutes.

Reaching out to podcasts each week should be a 1-2 hour task. We recommend you batch this task and first outline 10-40 podcast episodes to reach out to, then personally contact each host using messenger audio clips to ask to be featured on the show.
Executing on your podcast tour may take anywhere from an hour to contact all of the podcast hosts, to a few hours if you're recording the episodes.

Homework Assignment...

Make a Weekly Habit of Reaching Out to Existing Podcast Hosts
​Outreach to 3 x Shows Each Week to Be a Guest On
Outreach Today to 3 x Shows to Be A Guest On--Using the Podcast tour System

#TLDL - Too Long Didn't Listen

There are two ways you can massively grow your exposure on your podcast, and these are habits you should be doing every single week:
Time-Block Outreach For Other Shows: Getting onto other podcaster's shows is a great way to promote your show and get introduced to like-minded audiences in your niche. Every single week, you want to batch 1-2 hours of time to reach out to between 10-40 people who have a podcast. You should reach out to them via facebook messenger using an audio message to ask to be featured on their show.
Build a System to Ask Your Guests to Promote: Have a system built in that automatically gets your podcast guests to promote the new episode to their audience & email list.


1. How to Make Sure Your Podcast Continues to Grow...


2. Strategies to Grow Your Exposure Using Your Podcast


3. What is a Podcast Tour & How Does It Work?


44. The Strategy to Get Onto Other People's Podcasts Using The Podcast Tour System



1. Growing Your Podcast Into The Future (Coaching Call)


Deep Dive Immersion Time Stamps

0:00:05 Call starts
0:10:50 Discussion about the launch
0:23:00 Day 1 Review Sheet & launch
0:26:56 Q&A
0:28:50 Question about deadlines and to do lists to help out
0:42:50 Call ends

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