Week 4

Day 25: Making It Happen!

Lesson Overview

How to Easily Bring in At least $1,000 Per Month From Your Podcast
How to Leverage Accountability to Get Results Up to 5X Faster
How to Get The Right Guests For Your Show Who Will Convert
How to Nurture Those Guests Into a Sale
We go into detail about how you can start to bring in income into your podcast using one simple technique. We also delve into how accountability and getting the right guests on your show is crucial to hitting your 6 month goals.

How Long Should This Lesson Take?

Making your plans happen will vary based on what you want to accomplish.
We recommend outlining your goals individually.

Homework Assignment...

Decide on what way you'll monetize your podcast in the future
Make a plan of how you'll achieve your podcast goals in the next 6 months

#TLDL - Too Long Didn't Listen

If you want to achieve your goals you outlined yesterday it's time to figure out what your next steps are so you can make it happen. What plan are you putting into place to make sure you achieve your podcast goals?


1. What Are You Doing to Bring in At Least $1,000 Per Month For Your Podcast?



1. How to Hit Your 6 Month Goals (Deep Dive Coaching Session)


Deep Dive Immersion Time Stamps

0:01:07 Call starts
0:01:20 Discussion about Podcast reviews
0:08:20 Discussion about the 2 PDF’s - Growing & Scaling & Making it Happen
-How are you going to stay accountable so you can grow and scale fast?
-What is the revenue goal for you over the next 6 months?
-What will that help you to get to, in your next level?
-What’s the No 1 goal for your Podcast in the next 6 months?
-What’s my No 1 roadblock?
-Name 3 things that you can continue to learn over the next 6 months?
0:13:50 Discussion about Making in happen!
0:14:45 How can you bring in $1,000/month from your Podcast?
0:14:50 Discussion about How to sell a Business Intensive & prepare a Business Intensive Plan
0:31:45 Discussion about How to leverage accountability to get results up to 5 times faster
0:34:30 Discussion about who are my perfect target customers that I can sell my services to?
0:36:00 Discussion: On average, 80% of customers buy between the 5th & 12th touchpoint!
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