Week 4

Day 24: Growing & Scaling

Lesson Overview

Learn How to Stay Accountable So You Can Grow & Scale Fast
What Revenue Goals Will You Set For The Next 6 Months
Discover What's Stopping You For Achieving Your Goals On Your Own
Today we’ll be showing you the best way to continue to grow your podcast and leads for your business into the future of your podcast, as well as some ways in which you can reduce down your workload and increase your income potential.
After this session you’ll have a much clearer idea on exactly what you need to do to continue scaling your podcast to long-term success as well as increasing your businesses income at the same time.

How Long Should This Lesson Take?

Outlining your goals & setting yourself up for success over the next 6 months is a planning exercise which should take you around 60 minutes.

Homework Assignment...

Complete the Worksheet & Outline How You'll Stay Accountable So You Can Grow & Scale Fast
​Write Down Your Revenue Goal For The Next 6 Months
​Write Down What's Stopping You From Getting Their On Your Own

#TLDL - Too Long Didn't Listen

Plan out your next 6 months revenue goals & plan of action. Make sure to complete the worksheet &


1. Growing & Scaling Your Podcast Into The Future



1. Growing & Scaling - Taking Your Podcast to The Next Level (Live Coaching Call)


Deep Dive Immersion Time Stamps

0:00:01 Call starts
0:00:40 Discussing Growing & Scaling & completing the PDF provided:
-How can you stay accountable so you can grow & scale fast?
-What is the revenue goal for you over the next 6 months?
-What is the No 1 goal for your Podcast in the next 6 months?
-What is the No 1 goal for your business in the next 6 months?
-How would hitting that goal change your life and your business
-What is the No 1 roadblock that is stopping you achieving those goals?
-What’s the fear - what’s the big thing that’s stopping you?
-Name 3 things that you want to continue to learn so you can continue to scale and grow your business over the next 6 months
0:06:00 Making it happen
-What do I want to achieve, what’s the next step I want to take?
-How do I actually make that happen?
-How to bring in $1,000/month from your podcast
0:11:38 How to sell a Business Intensive & prepare a Business Intensive Plan
-What problem can you help your dream customer to overcome?
0:24:00 How to leverage accountability to get results up to 5 times faster
0:26:45 Who are my perfect target customers that I can sell my services to?
-What are they like?
-What do they enjoy?
-What are they really passionate about?
-What are the characteristics about them that I am drawn to and the things that I really like?
0:28:13 On average, 80% of customers buy between the 5th & 12th touchpoint!
0:31:28 What ways are you currently ‘following up’ with potential customers after podcasts?
0:33:58 Question - How do you propose I follow up with someone who did not follow through with what they said they would do to promote the Podcast?
0:42:59 Call ends

2. Questions & Answers Session


Time Stamps

0:00:05 Call starts - Q&A Session
0:00:07 Question about the Business Intensive & roadblocks!
0:11:09 Question about email appointments in Calendly & adding to my list?
0:18:22 Question out putting the link to a Podcast onto my Facebook page & tagging the guest?
0:21:51 Call ends

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