Week 4

Day 22: Podcast Launch Day!

Lesson Overview

Outreach to all of your Day 1 Reviews (50+ People is Ideal)
Officially Launch Your Show
Get Your Day 1 Launch Partners to Email Their Lists + Promote on Social Media
Go Through Your Day 1 Launch Checklist
Today is your official launch day. That means we’re going to be putting everything you have into your launch day promotion!
We’re talking Facebook lives, getting your guests to promote the show, following up with your day 1 launch podcast reviews, and doing everything you can do to release the pressure on your launch! 

Over the next 30 days you’ll want to do everything in your power to drive as many listeners to your show and to get as many reviews as possible. Doing this will establish your show as one to watch and will allow you to easily get any guest on your show in the coming months.

How Long Should This Lesson Take?

Going through your Day 1 Launch Sheet & reaching out to all of your guests & promoting your show could take you between 2-4 hours.
(Note: Make sure you've armed your Day 1 Launch Partners with everything in advance)

Homework Assignment...

Drive as Many Day 1 Reviews to Your Show as Possible (50-100+) If You Want to Rank!
​Go Through and Implement Everything You Need to in Your Day 1 Launch Checklist
Support Your Day 1 Launch Partners With Emailing Their Lists
​Remember to Check Your iTunes Ranking Throughout the Next 24-72 hours for that Coveted Top 200 Spot in your Category

#TLDL - Too Long Didn't Listen

Your focus today should be on one thing, and one thing only. Getting as many reviews to your podcast as humanly possible! Ask your brothers, mothers, sisters, fathers, aunties, uncles, long-time friends, old-time friends, colleagues, that random guy in the park...
You should be aiming for 50 minimum and ideally 100+. Remember, the more you get in the first 24-48 hours, the higher you'll typically rank.


1. Your Day 1 Launch Priorities



1. Day 1 Launch Priorities & Focus Areas (Live Coaching Call)


Deep Dive Immersion Time Stamps

0:00:05 Call starts & discussion about launch day
0:10:00 Outreach to all of your Day 1 Reviews (50+ People is Ideal)
0:14:00 Remember:
-Ratings & Reviews
-Listening to the Downloads
-Go to chartable.com to track your Podcast now that it’s live and register your Podcast
-Go into i-tunes to check the charts - watch demo
0:23:00 Also check inside Simplecast
0:25:00 Incentivise your Day 1 Guests
-Leveraging your guests
-Doing more Day 1 reviews
0:30:45 Question: How do we make it easy for the guests to promote to their audience?
0:43:10 Q&A
0:43:15 Do people have to click each episode to download?
0:46.32 Discussion about the Mass Movement Summit
0:54:00 Where is the 30 point checklist?
0:54:38 Question about where our Podcasts are embedded into the Mass Movement Summit area & downloads
0:58:00 Discussion about not including links when sending messages to people on Facebook, you will be blocked for 24 hours.
0:59:30 If we’re giving away free stuff, how do I share with people, if I can’t add a link?
1:05:00 Call ends
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