Week 2

Day 11: Hook The Big Fish

Lesson Overview

The Importance of Landing a 'Big Fish' Rockstar Guest on Your Podcast
How to Attract Guests & landing them onto Your Podcast
Now that we’ve covered planning your content & batch recording, it’s time to get prepared for your launch week and start to create amazing content for your day 1 launch.
We show you how to reach out to guests, how to fill your interview schedule so you have people begging to be on your show. We also show you why hooking a big fish is so important and how you can do that for your show.

How Long Should This Lesson Take?

You can use the High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass to pick your preferred way to reach out to your guests (videos to watch are about 5-10 minutes in length).
Reaching out to the guests should take about 30 minutes to select all of your guests and around 2-3 minutes per guest to record your outreach and send it.

Homework Assignment...

Reach out to 10-20 people to come onto your show
Reach out to 5 BIG fishes to try and hook for your show

#TLDL - Too Long Didn't Listen

Today we are discussing how to get one really big name onto your show so you can leverage that in the future when getting other high caliber guests on your show.
In this lesson we dive into the Dream 100 Strategy of guest outreach. We also touch on how to position and setup your interview schedule. How to create a strategic facebook post that will have people BEGGING to be on your show.


1. How to Hook the Big Fish to Bring in the Rest of Your Podcast Guests



1. How to Hook the Big Fish & Why it Matters (Live Coaching Call)


Deep Dive Immersion Time Stamps

0:00:10 Call starts
0:01:00 General discussion about today’s tasks
0:01:48 Discussion about any areas where you may need more focus & attention
0:07:30 The Importance of landing a 'Big Fish' Rockstar Guest on Your Podcast
0:32:38 Discussion about trying out different methods of reaching out to people
0:38:00 Discussion about your guests and your Dream 100 list
0:41:45 Pitch points sheet
0:46:20 -----Q&A Starts-----
0:46:40 Question about reaching out to people & various influencers
0:54:30 Suggestions of who I can reach out to
1:02:07 How do I find who is involved in the 2 Comma Club?
1:04:18 Call ends
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