Week 2

Day 10: Batching Your Content

Lesson Overview

Crafting Your Launch Interviews/Episodes
​Getting More Content Done Each Week By Batching
The Power of Open & Closed Loops
​Understand How to Structure Your Episodes
​Setting up Calendly For Your Interview Appointments
Today we show you how you can create 2-5 episodes per week in a single afternoon. We explain the importance of taking your customers on a journey and how to help your customer to your result… while indoctrinating them into you and your brand at the same time using stories.

How Long Should This Lesson Take?

For batch recordings your episodes it's typical to spend around 60 minutes including setup time. Using open + closed loops at the start of your episodes should only take and extra 5-10 minutes including recording. Following the Episode Structure guide should take you 30-60 minutes including planning your episodes.

Homework Assignment...

Batch Record Two Episodes
Set a Batch Recording Time at Least Once a Week, EVERY WEEK
Use Open & Closed Loops at The Start and End of Your Episodes
​Set up Calendly For Interviews

#TLDL - Too Long Didn't Listen

Today we are talking about how we can batch record our podcast content and save time.
We use our secret scheduling weapon, Calendly to setup our schedule to record on certain days every week to crank out episodes in no time.
We also touch on using Russel Brunson's 'epiphany bridge script' and the 'hero's two journeys' to structure your episode to engage your listener and capture their attention.


1. Crafting Day 1 Launch Interviews


2. Why Is Batching Content Important?


3. Batch Recording Content


4. Open & Closed Loops


5. Structuring Your Podcast Content


To help you breakdown your podcast structure easily, we've created...

Your Podcast Interview Breakdown!

You can print this out and hang it above your microphone to help you through the structure of your podcast interviews.

5. Setting up Calendly For Planning Interviews


6. How to Record Your Interviews Inside Zoom



1. Batching & Structuring Your Content Deep Dive (Live Coaching Call)


Deep Dive Immersion Time Stamps

0:00:08 Call starts
0:00:21 Discussion about your launch, the pitch document, the script to use & a guide for structuring your episodes
0:08:40 Discussion about interviews & how many to do & calendly with questions
0:15:30 Go into your biggest Facebook Community and add a simple post about your launch & an example
0:24:03 The Power of Open & Closed Loops
0:35:47 Discussion about episode structure with example document
0:41:17 Example of Facebook post for your community (see above 15:30)
0:51:20 Jobs for today:
0:51:25 Set up Calendly
0:51:42 Create a Facebook post as previously discussed
0:53:00 Start getting interviews for your Day 1 launch
0:53:44 -----Q&A Starts-----
0:56:35 How does it affect my launch if I’m not being interviewed on other people’s shows?
1:04:50 Question about the business page on Facebook. Discussing your personal Facebook profile and your groups.
1:11:35 What kind of guests do you look for?
1:20:32 Call ends
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