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Coaching and Calendar

Coaching and Accountability
Lesson Overview
Get Introduced to Your Team and Coaches
​Add the Podcast Profit LAB (PPL) Calendar to your Google Calendar
Below you will find information on the live coaching element of the course..everyone's favorite part!
When you come in to the LAB you will get assigned to a Podcast Profit LAB coach and an accountability team. Teams will be announced in the Facebook Group so be sure you're hanging out there!
In the sections below you'll be able to view call library of recorded calls in your season of the LAB to view if you missed the live calls or want to review back and take notes!
Finally, there's a link to the Podcast Profit LAB calendar that you can even add to your own Google calendar to keep up to date on calls and events. Here you can stay up to date on when calls are for your season of the LAB and always know what the Zoom link is.
If you have any questions, we have an awesome Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section found in the Start Here Section of the membership site! It's a really good way to familiarize yourself with the program! Questions not addressed in the FAQ section can be directed to your accountability team/PPL Coach or posted in the FB Podcast Profit LAB Group.
Accountability Groups and Accountability Calls
Accountability Group Assignment...
Accountability groups are assigned the Friday before the round of coaching begins
​Accountability groups will be formed in Voxer, please make sure to setup a Voxer account
​See the calendar below for when the next round of coaching begins
Everyone's favorite part of the LAB is the accountability groups and team-wide calls we have. Read on to find out more!
Accountability Groups
As a new Podcast Profit LAB member, you'll get assigned a coach as well as an accountability team which you'll communicate with via Voxer chat. (I explain more on Voxer, below.)
Each team is led by one of our AWESOME LAB Coaches. Our coaches have all gone through this exact program so they know what you're going through and are always available to offer support and answer questions.
Feel free to go to your coach or the team with any questions you have about the program by posting them in your accountability FB messenger chat (although it's always a good idea to post in the facebook group in case others have the same question!)
Questions specifically for Jamie and Gina can be posted in the FB PPL group, don't forget to tag us.
Before you ask a question, please check the FAQ section in the membership site first, we likely have already answered it!
There are several accountability groups each round. You and your team will be competing against the other teams for a secret prize!!
You can win points for our team in various ways: participating in this group message and the Podcast Profit LAB Group, showing up live to the accountability calls, and eventually launching your show!
Bonus points for ranking!
Accountability Calls
There are three accountability calls each week. There are four core learning weeks in the program for a total of 12 awesome calls. Each call is from 30-60 minutes.
You'll see there is a week of pre-training, and a week of mission debriefing that can be done at you own pace, however you'll want to get the pre-training done before you start the LAB.

The calls take place on a zoom webinar on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10am EST (unless a major holiday interrupts the schedule in which case we'll reschedule--check the schedule down below).
On Mondays and Wednesdays at 10am EST, Gina and the PPL Coaches will host the calls on Zoom.
On Fridays, 10am EST, Jamie will hop on Zoom for a Problems and Solutions Call. Don't forget to bring any questions you have to this call!
To obtain the specific zoom links or find out the specific call schedule, please scroll down to the calendar.
ONLY new members in the LAB (and members that purchased the VIP Coaching Pass) are invited into the Zoom webinar room for live support so we can give you direct attention and feedback live and make sure all members are getting the support they deserve.
Alumni, we know you love us, but let's keep the webinar zoom room for newbies only. If you can't make the calls live, you can watch the replays housed in the google drive down below. Please be sure you're clicking on the your season of the LAB.
You definitely do not want to miss these calls! Over and over again our students that show up to the calls launch, succeed, and make money. And the ones who don't make the calls...tend to fall in the 30% of people who don't launch. I'm not saying there's a correlation....but there's definitely a correlation.
Schedule of Coaching Calls
The Podcast Profit LAB Coaching calls as well as other events (like our Live Graduation) is displayed on our live calendar, seen below. Any changes to the schedule due to holidays or otherwise will be reflected here.
Library of Podcast Profit LAB Coaching Calls
In the event you cannot make the live calls, they are recorded. Please contact your coach to access your season's call library.
Voxer Messaging App
The way we communicate with our team and coaches is through an awesome and easy to use and FREE app called Voxer. Many of you might already have it.
It works kinda like a walkie-talkie. It's as easy to use as Facebook Messenger, but you can send unlimited length of audio files.
You can use it as the app, on via your desktop, or switch between the two, that's what we do! Check out this tutorial if you want to learn more.
Please sign up using the Voxer app or desktop now, if you don't already have it.
Once you have your username, please add Head Coach Jacquie (Voxer ID: @rxwiz) as a contact to speed up the process. She'll be putting you into your assigned teams the Friday before we start your season of the LAB.
Keep an eye on your email (and spam folder) for emails from us asking for your Voxer ID so we put you in your groups.
Your Podcast Profit LAB Checklist & Roadmap
Lesson Overview
Keep Track of Your Progress Throughout The Podcast Profit LAB
See The Full Roadmap Of Everything We'll be Learning Over the Next 4-5 Weeks
Download Your Own Copy & Tick Off As You Go Along!
Grab your own copy of the Podcast Profit LAB Checklist so you can keep track of your progress throughout the program and easily keep track of your homework assignments. We also give you the full overview of the program with our Profit LAB Roadmap Infographic.
Your 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB
Checklist & Roadmap
Hello everyone! And welcome to your Podcast Profit LAB roadmap.
Here in this section you're going to be able to access a full-roadmap of what we're going to be teaching inside our program.
The goal of this roadmap is to give you a clear outline of what we'll be doing on each day, and also to give you a schedule to follow.
I would like each and every one of you to show up for each day of the LAB, so that you can get the best out of the program. Make sure to jump into the Facebook group each day to connect with your accountability team to get the most out of this program.
Please click the red button below to download your Podcast Profit LAB checklist!

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