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Becoming a Podcast Profit Lab Affilliate

Become a Profit Lab Affiliate in 4 Easy Steps:

Step One: Create an Account
Step Two: Log In and Explore the Dashboard Area
​Step Three: Watch the Trainings on How to Be the Best Affiliate
Step Four: Promote and Publish Your Links
Carefully read the sections below to becoming an official Podcast Profit Lab Affiliate and get 40% on each purchase you close!

Step 1: Create an Account

1. Sign Up

Create an account using the button below. This link is ONLY for creating the affiliate account. After you create an affiliate account, you don't need that link anymore.
You only need to make one account. It can be whatever email and password you want. It does not have to match the one you used for the podcast profit lab.
Remember these credentials as you will need them to sign in using them in step 2.

Step 2: Watch The Affiliate Walkthrough Video

Log In and register as an affiliate
After you've created your account, follow the video above to promote the Podcast Profit LAB.

Step 3: Watch the Affiliate Trainings

3. Become a Rockstar Affiliate
Watch these two trainings (one from Gina, one from Jamie) that breaks down how to be an awesome affiliate!
We've gathered all the hot tips and tried and true hacks for getting more sales as an affiliate from people like Doug Boughton (CF Dream Car winner) and Steve Larson (Russel Brunson's right hand man!)
The Weird “Favor Formula” To 10x Your Affiliate Sales - Your Ultimate Affiliate Framework Used By Two Comma Club Winners

The 7 Steps to Leveraging Your Podcast Results To Make Money As An Affiliate...

Step 4: Promote the Podcast Profit Lab

4. Promote and Publish
Now that you have accessed your dashboard/account and understand the different types of affiliate links, you can explore the done-for-you copy and graphics.
We've created some swipe copy for you to use, as well as a bridge page swipe funnel (coming soon). Feel free to use the copy or make it your own.
Don't forget that you can add your own bonuses to the Profit Lab stack in order to sweeten the deal.
Time to start sharing your links!! Be sure to check out the affiliate tools down below!

Your Affiliate Tools:

Swipe Funnel: Bridge Page

Please add in the relevant copy, bonuses, headshots, graphics, etc to make this bridge page your own! Test things out, see how it works, tweak it!
And don't forget to connect the funnel and add in your affiliate link to all the buttons!

Sample Swipe Copy

One Day Before Profit Profit Lab Cart Closes

(Be sure to customize it for your audience)

Sample Subject Lines:
If you hate money, don’t open this email
Since We All Can't Win the Lottery
Finally, talking to yourself gives you the good kind of attention
..and if you hate easy sales, then really don't open this email.
So you don’t hate money, but can I be so bold as to assume you like it?
That you want more of it?
And what if you could hand pick your ideal clients, easily get them to tell you their pain points, all without putting up that “you’re going to pitch me I just know it” WALL that ruins so many sales calls.
sure you could do this with ads, maybe, but since we all can't win the lotto..I’m guessing that you don’t have unlimited ad spend.
I’m guessing you are protective of your cash flow and are practical when it comes to investing in your business.
But I’m also guessing you understand the value of brilliantly executed methods that are proven to work. And exchange those methods for cash when you see the benefits outweigh the value.
Imagine being able to create a powerful platform for yourself, that instantly starts to bring in revenue for your business. (Seriously, it’s kinda like being gifted a house without a mortgage that brings you $1,000-$2,000 in rent every month.)
Imagine the immediate authority you’d gain when launching a brand new podcast, and instantly getting recognized as a top 200 podcast host in your industry….
Imagine being able to do all of that, without needing an email list the size of manhattan or even if you have not a SINGLE person in your rolodex….
And finally, Imagine a program that showed you how to do all of that, while also giving you all the tools you needed to make back your investment, and then some in the first 30 days of launching a show.
Want to know more? Catch the replay here. <webinar replay Affiliate URL>
Jamie doesn’t know if or when he’s running it again.
Tomorrow is the last day to enroll in the program.
Cart closes tomorrow, [DATE] at midnight (EST).
Get more info here. <your PPL affiliate link>
<sign off>

Hours Before Profit Profit Lab Cart Closes Midnight EST

(Be sure to customize it for your audience)

Sample Subject Lines:
Can you afford to ignore this email?
Your 6-figure Podcasting Plan goes bye-bye at midnight…
Last Call for Alcohol, But Seriously Time's Up
Look, there’s no easy way to say this...
Body:’re running out of time.
If even you are sick of hearing yourself say “I want to start a podcast” over and over, now’s your last chance to be true to your word and finally do something about it.
The Podcast Profit Lab isn’t just about launching a podcast the right way. Or ranking in iTunes.
It’s about attracting your dream prospects to you on auto-pilot and turning them into customers using Podcast Closing.
Launch your show. Stay Accountable. Actually make money from it.
You have until midnight (EST) TONIGHT.
If you're reading this email after the fact, and this link <PPL affiliate link> no-longer works, I’m sorry but, the cart is CLOSED. You are too late.
Procrastinators, you've been warned.
Get it here. Get it now. <your PPL affiliate link>
<sign off>

Social Media Long-Form Post Hours Before Profit Profit Lab Cart Closes Midnight EST

(Be sure to customize it for your audience)

It's FINALLY Here! The Profit LAB Has Arrived!
Jamie's first round of the Podcast Profit LAB! BLEW UP with 90% of his students launching their show, 80% reaching the top charts on iTunes, and leading his students to make 3 and 4 figures within DAYS of launching their show.
And he's finally opening the program back up again!!! NOW IS YOUR TIME.
If you thought that launching a podcast meant you had to wait 6-12 months before you could make a profit, then I'm here to tell you there's another way!
If want to make this your year where your business and vision blows up with a podcast, then you NEED to join us!
I've got to be real with you here guys... this offer is INSANE and is
NEVER going to be this value packed again!
Here's a little preview of what you get when you join:
Podcast Profit LAB System ($1,997)
Podcast Sales Secrets + Offer Launch Blueprint ($997)
Podcast Profit Coaches + Accountability Teams ($1,997)
Dream Customer Tracker & Podcast Toolkit ($997)
Podcast Closing Scripts & Interview Questions ($997)
Podcast Agency Blackbook Systems & Templates ($997)
Plus these bonuses......
The Podcast Profit LAB Launch Roadmap & Monetization Strategy ($2,000 Value)
40 HOURS of DAILY Group Coaching and Q&A Coaching Calls ($3,500 Value)
High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass ($597 Value)
12 Month Content Creation Guides & Template ($400 Value)
Intro/Outro Script Guides ($500 value)
Done For You Podcast Artwork Templates ($250 value)
Done For You Publicity Sheet Templates ($250 value)
And Much More!!
The GOAL is to make a BIG impact in the Podcasting space so he made this offer as valuable and as much of a no-brainer and possible!
So if you're an agency, a coach, a service business or are a digital marketer, this is for YOU!
Absolutely EVERYTHING you need to launch (or relaunch) your show, take it to the top charts, stay accountable, and ACTUALLY make real MONEY from your show (making back your investment plus some!) is in the Podcast Profit Lab program.
So get ready to take action
Comment down below with 'I'M READY' or a fun GIF and I'll send you the link to APPLY.
But be fast! Cart Closes on [DATE] at midnight!!
LET's GO!!
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