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Event Streams in Action: EddieNotes

Event Streams in Action: EddieNotes

A company is an organization that generates and responds to a continuous stream of events.


Continuous event streams enable fresher insights
Continuous event streams enable a single version of the truth
Continuous event streams enable businesses have faster reactions
Continuous event streams enable simpler architectures.


An event is anything that we can observe during a particular point in time.
An event is not:
a description of ongoing state of something ー the API client was broken. But "the API client broke at noon on Tuesday" is an event.
a recurring occurrence
a collection of individual events
a happening that spans a timeframe

Continuous Event Streams

Continuous event stream is an unterminated succession of individual events, ordered by the point in time at which each event occured.

Software Systems influenced by Continuous Event Streams

Transactional Systems
Data Warehouses
Systen=ms monitoring
Web Analytics packages

Programming Areas influenced by Continuouos Event Streams

Application-level logging
Web analytics(Google Analytics)
Publish/Subscribe messaging maybe Medium?

Unifying Continuous Event Streams

The book argues there should be a unified continuous event stream. It should be restructured around a process that does the following:
Collects events from disparate source systems
Stores them in a unified log
Enables data processing applications to operate on these event streams.

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