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We are building a space for you to play with the visual language of sound, it has the building blocks to mix realities and explore the limiest of your creativity and imagination with friends around the world.


PatchWorld is a sandbox for visual-sound exploration in real-time. Here, you immerse yourself in a universe of fantastic worlds that you can play like musical instruments. These instruments are fully customizable and can control sound and visuals. Try to imagine a Minecraft version of Walt Disney‘s Fantasia as performed by Pink Floyd and you are close - but this version you can control, customise, and share with others in a musical space for friends, games, and creativity.

Platforms Oculus Quest, Windows, MacOS
Price $29.99 + User Generated Content marketplace
Released 2020

Core Features

Remote jamming

Synchronize and make music with friends in 3D with High-Quality Sound, regardless of Distance

Collaborate & Remix

Record interactive 3D shows, concerts, podcasts, stories, and lessons.

Social no-code

Our secret sauce, “The Visual Language of Sound", enables creators to remix, loop, and produce any electronic music instrument and audio reactive world

Core Elements



Our Multiplayer infrastructure enables real-time collaboration, economy building, and game play interactions between players across borders


XR-first music instruments, worlds, games, stories, and shows. All our content is built by connecting our engine blocks in XR for XR. Making, all our content re-mixable and customizable


Our proprietary block-based engine, runs our real-time audio simulations, and enables infinite user creation possibilities. PATCH BLOCKS are the brain that powers all of our applications, tools & software. Each block is a function that can be connected together to create audio and visual simulations in real time. The innovation of this approach is on its focus between audio, visuals, and gestures in real-time.

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