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ecosystemic community operating system


To gather, create, and maintain communities through education and healthcare, promoting overall well-being.


Thrive as a systemic network integrated by communities co-living in a healthy and productive interaction, working with a diferential approach for the survival of humanity in the planet.


Ecos has emerged to address the need for education in homes and rural communities lacking access to quality education and health services. Disintegration of communities, including eco-villages, is often due to the absence of strong educational support, leading members to leave for urban opportunities but not returning, thus becoming trapped in the economic system. (sistemas de bienestar, volver a unir la educacion y la educación para contribuir a un cambio del paradigma donde empecemos a rodar hacia sistemas de bienestar)

Motivation for Ecos:

The problem
Lack of access to high-quality education.
Desertion of community members seeking opportunities elsewhere.
Loss of culture, knowledge, and identity.
Absence of parents in children's education.
The family unit becomes weaker as children spend more time in school than with their own families.
Absence of community in child-rearing.
Transfer of authority to peers due to the absence of parental figures.
Dichotomy due to the lack of local opportunities.
Weariness due to the lack of a clear work route and organized content, services, and tools tailored to individual and local needs.
Cultural perpetuation

What is Ecos?

Ecos is a collaborative, methodical, and informative hub service for community development. It functions as a non-linear, multidimensional, and interrelational self-guidance and governance platform, offering various services that support contextualized personal development within a holistic community focus.
We want to create a change in mindset, towards recognizing that one of the key factors for well-being is the equal importance of education in all aspects of life, particularly in areas such as health, nutrition, self-awareness, comprehensive sexual education, emotional intelligence, and finding one's calling. This serves as the foundation for a happy and successful individuals.

Services Offered:

Contextualized Basic Wellbeing Ecosystem:
Enables teaching, tutoring, and guiding in face-to-face education processes.
Opens job opportunities for guiding educational processes.
Facilitates the creation of community and rural learning spaces.
Utilizes public facilities efficiently.
Reduces the need to attend school daily.
Encourages interaction among parents, children, teachers, tutors, and community members.
Provides an integrated solution with tools, resources, and services.
Enables remote guidance of educational processes.
Establishes a means for communication among stakeholders.
Offers continuously updated collaborative content.
Identifies key territorial wellbeing factor for communities.
Preventive health for health cost reduction and maximizing of resources.
Food sovereignty
Environmental Integral education for communities to revitalize their relationship and care in their territories.
Quality of life through natural resource management
Sexual and mental wellbeing for communities through the physiological accompaniment and care of all transits in the human vital cycle.
Community actualization
Cultural Perpetuation

Access to Various Services and Benefits:
Integral Health and Education
Land access for living and producing
Local, Circular, and Interconnected Economies
Evaluation tools :
Evaluation App for self-assessment and co-assessment.
For production and recognition of knowledge.
for evaluation of processes.
(upload the concepts of the selfevaluation video. )
Human resources department right hand.
Governance and Compliance:
Creating of a DAO, structured on Sociocracy, Meritocracy, using technoogical tolls such as Substrate, Blockchain, Sora, Polkadot, NextCloud.
Professionalization and Job Opportunities:
Contextualized Professional Training.
Local market for products and services.
Methodological Map of knowledge:
Multidimensional guidance tool for acquisition, access, and distribution of curated internet content.
Detailed database organized by roles, concepts, processes, etc.
Navigable through various tools.

Target Audience:

Communities aiming for collective development and evolution.
Communities in need of preserving and strengthening culture and knowledge.
Families seeking to create or live in a community.
Families looking for a integral accompaniment of their health and education.
Parents guiding the educational process at home.
Students in both basic and professional education.
Teachers interested in the educational proposal.
External actors interested in contributing to the proposal.
Government entities that are in need of updating their structures and services, around education, health and natural resources.

Why Now?

To reduce carbon footprint, local solutions, especially in education and health, are crucial for strengthening community life in symbiosis with the planet. Por la supervivencia de la humanidad, através de la revitalizacion y del cuidado de todas las relaciones, como eje principal de bienestar del ser humano, estructurando las herramientas necesarias para la perpetuacion cultural.

How It Works:

Ecos acts as a user-friendly and cooperative hub, fostering cooperative interaction, easy updates, and dissemination of information.


Juan Carlos Pellegrino Email:

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