Secrets of Best Shopify Art Stores in the Philippines


The Philippines boasts a rich artistic heritage, from intricate textiles and captivating sculptures to vibrant paintings and thought-provoking installations. This flourishing art scene presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage the power of e-commerce and connect Filipino artists with a wider audience. Shopify empowers artists and art enthusiasts alike by offering a user-friendly platform to create beautiful and functional online art stores.
But before launching your own virtual art haven, seeking inspiration from established players is crucial. This blog post dives into the world of top , offering valuable insights into artist selection, brand presentation, and building a loyal customer base for your online art store.


Top Shopify Art Stores in the Philippines

Shopify's versatility allows art stores to showcase a wide range of artistic styles and mediums. Here are a few notable examples to spark your creativity for your own store:


Blanc focuses on showcasing the works of up-and-coming Filipino contemporary artists. Their Shopify store features a clean and minimalist design that allows the artwork to take center stage. They utilize high-quality product photography and detailed descriptions that include the artist's background, the inspiration behind the piece, and the medium used. Blanc also offers curated collections based on themes and moods, making it easy for art enthusiasts to discover new favorites.

Galerie Raphael

Galerie Raphael specializes in exhibiting established Filipino abstract artists. Their Shopify store features a sophisticated aesthetic with a focus on bold visuals that capture the essence of each artwork. They provide detailed biographies of the artists they represent, along with in-depth descriptions of the techniques and inspiration behind each piece. Galerie Raphael also offers virtual gallery tours, allowing collectors to experience the art in a simulated gallery setting.


This beloved Filipino brand is known for its vibrant stationery and gift items. Papemelroti's Shopify store extends this vibrant aesthetic to the world of fine art, featuring a curated selection of prints from Filipino illustrators and graphic designers. Their store offers a playful and lighthearted atmosphere, with detailed descriptions highlighting the artist's story and the inspiration behind each piece. papemelroti also leverages the platform's functionalities to offer limited-edition prints and artist collaborations, making their offerings unique and desirable.

HABI Furniture

HABI Furniture takes a unique approach, showcasing the artistic talents of Filipino furniture artisans. Their Shopify store features a clean and modern aesthetic with high-quality product photography that captures the craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal of their handcrafted furniture pieces. HABI Furniture emphasizes the sustainable practices used in their production process and highlights the stories of the artisans behind each piece, adding a layer of social impact to their offerings. This is why it’s also considered one of the in general.

KATIP Design Studio

KATIP Design Studio celebrates Filipino design heritage. Their Shopify store features a warm and inviting aesthetic, showcasing a range of handcrafted home decor items and art prints inspired by traditional Filipino motifs. Detailed descriptions highlight the cultural significance of the designs and the stories behind the artisans who create them. KATIP Design Studio fosters a sense of cultural connection with their customers, both within the Philippines and abroad.

>>> Tip: You can get inspiration from stores examples in other countries as well! For example, check out

Key Takeaways from these Top Shopify Art Stores

These are just a few examples of the many innovative thriving in the Philippines. By analyzing their strengths, you can glean valuable insights for your own online business:
High-Quality Visuals: Art is a visual experience. Invest in professional photography that captures the color, texture, and detail of your artwork. Consider showcasing large-scale pieces in different settings to provide context.
Compelling Artist Stories: Don't just sell art; tell the story behind the artist. Highlight their background, inspiration, and creative process. This personal touch fosters a deeper connection with potential buyers.
Curated Collections: Help your customers discover new favorites by offering curated collections based on themes, styles, or color palettes.
Artist Bios & Detailed Descriptions: Provide detailed information about your artists and their artwork, including the medium used, dimensions, and any relevant background information.
Leverage Social Media: Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are powerful tools for showcasing your artwork in a visually appealing way and building brand awareness. Run promotions, host artist interviews, and engage with your audience to foster a community around your art store.

Building Your Thriving Shopify Art Store

While studying successful stores is valuable, remember that your brand should have its own unique voice and focus. Here are some additional tips to help your Shopify art store flourish in the Philippines:
Partner with Filipino Artists: Support the local art scene by partnering with established and emerging Filipino artists who align with your brand aesthetic.
Embrace Storytelling: Showcase the stories behind the artwork and the artisans. Highlight the cultural significance of certain pieces, the traditional techniques used in creation, or the inspiration behind each artwork. This emotional connection can significantly enhance your brand appeal and resonate with customers seeking more than just a decorative piece.
Offer a Variety of Price Points: Cater to a wider audience by offering a range of art pieces at different price points. Consider including smaller prints, artist cards, or limited-edition collections alongside larger, more expensive artworks.
Secure Packaging & Shipping: Artworks are delicate and require careful handling. Invest in secure packaging materials and reliable shipping partners to ensure your artwork arrives safely at its destination.
Explore Framing Options: Some customers might prefer pre-framed artwork. Partner with a framing service or offer a selection of framing options at various price points to cater to diverse preferences.
Consider Offering Artist Commissions: For a unique selling proposition, consider offering commissioned artwork services. This allows customers to request personalized pieces or specific sizes based on their needs.


The Philippine art scene is a vibrant tapestry of creativity waiting to be explored. By drawing inspiration from successful Shopify art stores, curating a captivating collection of Filipino art, and presenting it through a user-friendly online platform, you can play a vital role in connecting artists with a wider audience and fostering appreciation for Filipino art both locally and internationally.
Remember, the key lies in creating a visually stunning online experience, offering detailed information about your artists and their work, and building trust through secure transactions and reliable shipping. With dedication and the power of Shopify, you can create a thriving online art haven that celebrates Filipino artistic talent and ignites a passion for art in your customers.
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