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E6PR Proposal


Customer demand, distributor promises and applicator development have lead to E6PRs current environment. There is a holistic sense of urgency, associated with increasing competition that now is the time to demand more revenue.

We at Botanical, are excited about the opportunity of supporting E6PR, Jorge, Ricardo & Christina, develop the sales and marketing infrastructure to enable E6PR to go on the offensive, grab more market share and surpass goals. We believe that all relationships should start small and so this proposal lays

Phase 1: Sprint

Distributor Management and Sales Enablement (1-3 Months)


Learn the existing systems - CRM and sales workflows, including tech stack
Address and capture short-term sales by focusing on converting incoming sales leads. Immediate Revenue.
Test different sales approaches & when to pass off the opportunity to the distributor.
Lead Re-engagement of past sales opportunities. Contact and nurture the thousand-plus leads that have previously come in through the newly implemented sales process.
Build formalized deal flow and process SOP with forecasting. If E6PR doesn’t currently have a platform to handle this, this includes Botanical presenting different platform to leadership, adoption and onboarding.
Develop buyer personas based on volumes and applicator need
Hobbyist: 2-3 cases a month
Entrepreneur: 2-3 Pallets a month (craft brewers and owners)
Change Agent: ++ Marketing /Procurement /Owner of global volume brand
Collaborate with marketing to create a portfolio of sales enablement assets for internal use and distributor sales teams to leverage & educate customers
Develop customers surveys and data collection process for sifting through the feedback.
Support E6PR connect with dedicated customers, speak directly with the best and worst distributor sales reps.
Botanical, alongside internal resources, will get of the house and start understanding and laying the ground work for understanding the market, sales impediments and opportunities. This includes attending E6PRs distributor sales trainings.
Learn distributor arrangements, geographies and contracts
Support rolling out a new applicator payment structure and the 24-can pack line extension to distributor with sales assets
Organize: and present the resource needs and revenue opportunities associated with Phase 2
Manpower, technology, and financial resources for efficient execution
Evolve: Organizational change management is critical in ensuring plans outlined are executed by collecting buy-in and ensuring all voices are heard and prepared for the changes. Behavioral change out of the status quo requires listening and coaching.

Boost sales
Enable more sales
Deepen relationships
Optimize Positioning
Plan for Growth

Phase 2: Offense 3-5 Months, Urgently)

Filling the newly designed sales process with prospects across priority prospects
Develop targeted marketing and sales campaigns for niche markets, especially craft breweries.
Refine and create customized sales materials for buyer personas:
Change Agent
Conduct a technical audit and provide recommendations to compliment the B2B sales CMS migration.
Collaborate with E6PR’s technical team to ensure the CRM and other systems are prepared with migration to B-Commerce.
Evaluate past marketing efforts, focusing on ROI, and conduct low-cost tests to understand customer behavior.
Leveraging the existing sales data (LTV, CAC & RoAS) kick off testing targeted marketing campaigns to identify the most ROI positive routes to connect to customers. This includes cold outreach.
Ensure CRM and other systems are prepared to support outbound efforts.
Schedule and support E6PR for in-person meetings at Expo West
Attend industry-specific events, particularly Expo West, to gain visibility and connections.
Note: Drew will already be attending Expo West.

Fill Sales Pipeline
Tailor Marketing Campaigns
Audit Tech Infrastructure
Optimize Marketing ROI
Network at Expo West

Phase 3: Escape Velocity (3-6 Months)

Develop a roadmap for building applicators and increasing canning speed.
Identify key global brands like Coca-Cola and Corona as potential customers.
Tailor a sales strategy specifically for these global brands.
Create financial models to simplify customer acquisition of applicators through leasing or cost-offset models.
Develop promotional materials outlining these leasing and cost-offset options with applicators.
Increase the number of sales at the top of the funnel through refined marketing and sales processes.
Identify internal or external sales resources to target overlooked customers purchasing two to three pallets per month.
Support the sales process for Ricardo and Jorge to deepen relationships with key global brands like Coca-Cola and Corona.
Provide direct contact information and outreach to key decision makers at Tier 1 brands

Boost Sales Cycle
Amplify Applicator Positioning
Optimize Sales
Target Tier 1 Prospects

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Sustainably Scaled, Strategically Set.

Botanical: Sustainable CPG's fractional Chief Revenue Officer


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