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Hybrid Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of Different Hybrid Working Styles
Fully remote
Everyone on equal footing
Save on office space
Fully lean into remote tooling
Broader talent pool
Budget for regular offsites
Only see co-workers in person during offsites
Collaboration can take longer across timezones
Default digital
Coworking hubs accommodate ppl who want in-person connections
Lower office costs (may be some coworking stipends or collab hubs)
Broader talent pool
Requires a lot of intentionality to make sure people don’t fall back to in-person practices and exclude remote teammates
Practicing may feel tedious.
Flexible hybrid
Good mix of in-person interaction and remote flexibility, without a fixed schedule
Confusion as to where people are, and when they are working.
Without good tooling, problematic gaps in communication will emerge
Lazy, not-as-intentional version of Default Digital
Static hybrid
Reliable and predictable, while allowing for individual flexibility
Predictable ways for people to work together, even across offices.
Deviating from static norms (visiting another office, wfh when usually in-office, etc) can cause communication issues
Less flexibility for employees
One mode may still become default or favored
Synchronized hybrid
Allows for wfh days to reduce commute fatigue
Enforced structure of dedicated time for focus work and in-person collaborative work
No savings on office space, unless hot-desks are used
Limited flexibility outside of defined structure (those days may not work for everyone)
Teams on different schedules will not see each other in-office
Clear intention about office-first reduces ambiguity and middle-ground
Can default to office-centric social environment to build team belonging
Sub-par experience for remote employees that are the exception.
Limited hiring pool to where there are offices
Office costs
Return to what a lot of people are familiar with
Robust office-centric social scene and perks (food, snacks, etc)
Doesn’t accommodate the flexibility that employees are asking for
Limited hiring pool, both in location, and in who wants to be in a strictly all-office workplace
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