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Coda Capstone AI Survey

Gathering Feedback and Use Cases for how to integrate an AI bot



The goal of this document is to gather feedback from our team around the usage of an AI bot such as Coda Brain
Our goal is to discover
Which places people would want to ingest information from
What use cases people see an AI bot being used for
So that we do not evaluate tools without accounting for the needs of the entire company


Capstone Project

This document is being used as the Capstone project for the Q2 2024 Coda doctorate program
Notable features used:
Automation to insert new options into the set of choices
This leverages multiple button columns in the survey table, each of which takes a specific action and is only enabled when that action makes sense
Building of a custom sort column in the options tables to allow customized display of the options (i.e. make sure “Other” comes last in the list)
Form validation rules to ensure clean data entry
URL parameters to pre-fill Form Fields and prevent a need to enter data when not changing

Longer term plan

I plan to generalize this document and turn it into a template, which would allow easily spinning up new survey docs as needed
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