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Subtitle Translation Blog - Brief

Subtitle Translation Blog - Brief

Why you should automatically translate your subtitles:
Go Global: Reach new audiences in other languages- more viewers means more potential customers!
Great for SEO: helps you rank on search engines, increasing your organic traffic to your website
No need to pay a translator or service- using an automatic service eliminates the need for expensive services

Where BIGVU shines:
Super easy editing by scene (not timeline). Replay the short scene to change or edit captions easily. Perfect for people without a professional editing team
Non-native English Speakers: the app itself is translated into multiple languages- making it easy to add English subtitles for non-native English Speakers
Using our teleprompter and AI scripting ensures that you speak clearly on camera- making your captions even more accurate!
Use BIGVU’s designer templates so that your subtitles always look good
Fast and Accurate
Available in 70 languages

Use Cases:
Realtor in the US that wants to reach the spanish speaking population in her state
Online Course Lecturer that wants to offer the course to international students
UGC creator that wants to get more views on his videos
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