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What do you need to deliver?

You will need to deliver a talking head video, 3 Hooks, Call to Action and all the necessarry B-roll takes to represent your actions. Remember to do not edit your videos and always send us all the material as raw files.
Video Duration: 30 seconds up to 59 seconds ​Hook Duration: 4 to 8 seconds long ​Call to Action: 4 seconds
Key points on delivering your message:
_DSC2091_2-transformed 1.png
Concise and Clear
Straight to the point
Smile and Positvity
Good Presence
Key points on showcasing your image:
Group 7787.png
⛔ Please be aware our target market are Small Business and Entrepreneurs and not so much "Content creators" or "video makers" - Please don’t present yourself as a Creator or a Video Maker.
Make up & Hair (elegant and casual)
Outfit should be semi-profesionnal / Do not wear gym clothes or T- shirts without sleves
Properly place your head in the middle center of the camera
Key features to Highlight:
Showcasing a woman recording herself teleprompter.png
Teleprompter scrolling text feature it’s mandatory to mention, the rest of the teleprompter features are recommended and the other features are optional.
Teleprompter scrolling Text
Teleprompter settings (Adjust Speed, Font Size, Text Position and Exposure)
Teleprompter advance settings (Pause on Silence or Bluetooth Remote)
AI Magic Writer / Voice to Script
Automatic Captions
Hooks: These hooks are ideas and you can make yours as long as they speak about the motive of the teleprompter BIGVU. People use BIGVU to get their message heard and across efficently and in matters of minutes. You do not need BIGVU to make videos, you need BIGVU to deliver your message with impact!
- Shhh... Nobody will know you’re reading. Teleprompter your scripts
- Keep yourself from rambling, say it concisely with the BIGVU teleprompter.
- Always know what to say with the BIGVU Teleprompter
- With the BIGVU Teleprompter, no need to memorize lines.
- Keep your eyes on the camera with the BIGVU Teleprompter
- Build trust with direct eye contact.
- Be Concise! Use the BIGVU Teleprompter.

- With the BIGVU teleprompter, I keep my eyes on the camera while reading my script on the screen.
- With the BIGVU teleprompter, your videos look natural.
- Record while reading off the teleprompter on your screen.
- Have your text small enough close to the camera so no one will not know that you’re reading.
- With the BIGVU Teleprompter, create videos you’re proud of !


Here are the video references for the clips:
broll transparent 3.001.png
broll transparent 3.002.png
1. Back teleprompter
2. Back Teleprompter close-up
3. Front Teleprompter
4. Front close-up teleprompter

Additional examples with links:

5. Emotions:
6. Emotions close-up:
7. Call to Action:
8. Visual Hook Examples:
9. Visual Hook Examples:
10. Visual Hook Examples:
For all our videos, it's imperative to include a call to action at the conclusion. Kindly encourage viewers to download our app for free or proudly display our logo on your phone screens. ​ Example
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