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What do you need to deliver?

30 seconds up to 59 seconds
: 4 to 8 seconds long per hook
B-Roll: at least 5 takes using the teleprompter and app
: 4 seconds
Remember not to edit your videos and always send us all the material as raw files.

Video Body

The video should feel authentic, straight to the point, and full of smiles and positivity.
Showcasing a woman recording herself teleprompter.png

Features to include in the video body: Teleprompter + at least 2 other features

: Read script while recording
: Generate video scripts with AI
Use AI to always look at the camera, even when you’re not
: Add automatic captions in 70 languages, choose from stunning themes, translate your captions, highlight, and customize with your brand colors.
: Share and Schedule your video to TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn- with one tap. Then, view all your analytics from a single dashboard.


Hooks are the most important part of your video.
The first three seconds of your video are critical to connect with your audience emotionally.
A scroll-stopping hook makes the viewer curious to know what’s next...
Please record 5 visual hooks (as B-roll) and 5 verbal hooks.
Be shocking/hilarious/intense/slapping/clever - create anticipation. Show Accomplishment, Humor, Puzzlement, Pain.
Show the product as early as possible: Teleprompter / AI Script Generator/Captions etc.
Show reactions, be weird, and evoke an emotional response in the audience‘s eyes
When relevant, show a before/after state. Show your face and talk directly to the camera.

Visual Hooks

No Speech - Just Acting:


Show a range of emotions:
Show a shot of yourself on your mobile phone, frustrated
Show a shot of yourself dealing with a lot of papers

Verbal hooks

For inspiration:
Shhh... Nobody will know you’re reading. Teleprompter your scripts
Keep yourself from rambling, say it concisely with the BIGVU teleprompter.
Always know what to say with the BIGVU Teleprompter
With the BIGVU Teleprompter, no need to memorize lines.
Keep your eyes on the camera with the BIGVU Teleprompter
Build trust with direct eye contact.
Be Concise! Use the BIGVU Teleprompter.
Have your text small enough close to the camera so no one will know that you’re reading.
With the BIGVU Teleprompter, create videos you’re proud of


Please record yourself using the teleprompter from the front, back and close up.
broll transparent 3.001.png
broll transparent 3.002.png

Additional examples for B-Roll

1. Back teleprompter:
2. Back Teleprompter close-up:
3. Front Teleprompter:
4. Front close-up teleprompter:
5. Emotions:
6. Emotions close-up:
7. Call to Action:
8. Visual Hook Examples:
9. Visual Hook Examples:
10. Visual Hook Examples:


Include a call to action at the end of the video. Encourage viewers to download our app for free and proudly display our logo on your phone screen, like here:

Suggested CTA for inspiration:
1. "Get it Now and Be Part of our 10 Million Strong Community"

2. "Ready to Shine? Don't Miss Out! Click the Download and Join 10 Million Satisfied Users."

3. "Experience the Magic! Download Now and Join 10 Million Happy Users."
⬇️ Download this image for CTA
iPhone 14 Pro Max - 2.png

Appearance Guidelines:

Our target market consists of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Feel free to assume the roles of Coach/Teacher, Business Owner, or Real Estate Agent. Don’t refer to yourself as a content creator or video maker.
Makeup & Hair: elegant and casual
Semi-professional clothing: Do not wear gym clothes or sleeveless t-shirts.
Properly place your head in the middle center of the camera

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