Donkey Development Guide

Github & Code Review Practices

General practices
Each feature should have is own branch.
Try to separate commits by subjects (for example: adding specific function, adding some styling for specific page or element and so on...).
Always fetch and pull origin before starting to work.
Naming branches
Each branch will start with a prefix following by a short description:
fix/ for fixing bugs
feature/ for adding a new feature
new-page/ for adding a new feature
new-template/ for adding a new template

2. The description part should be clear as possible.
// Bad description
fix/fixing-some issues

// Good Description

2. The description should not be too long.
// Bad description

// Good description
Commits titles and descriptions
Each commit should have a clear title of what has been done in this commit.
// Bad Title
"fix some issues"

//Good Title
"fix FAQ arrow icon hover state"
3. If the commit is a complex one add some description to it also.

Want to print your doc?
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