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The Love I Didn't Expect to Find - 2023-11-25

I knew you were out there somewhere, unwilling to settle for any other woman, who wasn’t my queen. I gave up on searching and focused on my mission of community creation. But lo and behold, there you were!
It was impossible to miss you, but what was it about you? I can’t say but it was clear that day I was magnetized to you, with all of other beautiful women fading away to the background.
The first time our eyes met fully, so close that I could feel your body’s warmth, I was taken back with your piercing gaze! Averting my sight, for I knew it would give away my attraction to you.
A tingling up my spine as I remember the sensation of your touch as we danced together for the first time. So naive at the time of the love that we would find.

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