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Zasage Poetry

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Lily Love - 2022-02-02

I cannot but help think of you; its not an image although your face is so beautiful; its not your eyes although they are spellbinding; its not your body although you've been blessed with such an amazing vessel to call home; its your energy which radiates so brightly that I can feel it no matter how far we are apart, even across the world.
Logic has no place in the realm of energy and feelings.
The more I sit with your sweet words which are like nectar to my soul, the more I realize, this is it! the type of love and relationship I've been waiting for. Finally someone to match and challenge me to broaden my horizons.
Someone from the same land, creating their warrior tribe with love and humility.
I embrace the obstacles that await us for they are what is required for us to grow stronger and step into our full potential and cultivate a love like no other that we've had before.
A queen on my level; a kindred-spirit who has been waiting for this type of special love; to be challenged and grow together.
So filled up with gratitude to have found someone who sees me in such a light and who can be such a gorgeous mirror. The fear and doubt that creep in to give a cold dose of reality fade away when I am connecting with your spirit; getting glimpses of your phenomenal essence, reminding me that this is no ordinary infatuation; its a love like I've never experience before.
Bracing myself for the intensity we will open up; the amount of energy we will channel and the passion we will cultivate that will sustain us through the inevitable challenges. So funny to think that we just met but so familiar and so comfortable, as if we shared a deep love in another lifetime and are remembering again how to open it back up.
How many times have we danced this divine interplay in other forms; it doesn't matter; it's just a miracle we get to play together in this new way.
So much anticipation to hear if you will embrace me as I want to with you; letting our hearts open fully and trust the unfolding of a connection so deep that I can feel your presence on the other side of the world.
Standing in the same place where I poured my heart out to you on the solstice, grounding into this magical land, connecting with your spirit as if we were right in front of each other, breaths in sync, eye gazing, listening to your response my heart soars, a flood of excitement rushes over me.
So many deep divine moments await us, along with challenges that will allow us to grow together and more fully step into our authentic selves.
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