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Hi. I'm Daryl.

Managing Partner @TriveAdvisory, Project Lead @BlockTrade, Strategic Growth & Process Transformation Consultant @Chapter3, Previously Co-Founder and COO @MetaPals. Just a guy from Singapore who indulges in tech, economics and history.

Root Verb: Empowering companies to be innovative.

Current Updates

Advising technology startups and impact-focused family offices in Southeast-Asia at Trive Advisory. Licensed private investment and strategic advisory firm.
Democratising trading with worlds first decentralised prop trading fund at BlockTrade.
Accelerating innovation for organisations globally through Venture-Studio-As-A-Service at Chapter3.

Current Ask

Investor network (Angels/High-Net-Worth-Individuals/Family Office/VC) who are interested in participating in impact/web3 opportunities.
Aspiring founders who are interested in joining a venture studio to kickstart investable ideas.
Any project, startups or company who are facing challenges in creating a sustainable business model, struggle with a product strategy or are looking for advisorship or funding in your business.
I consider myself a serial entrepreneur and currently, the Managing Partner at , a spinoff of a leading venture capital firm managing assets worth US$50 million, strategically empowers startups and family offices in Southeast Asia. I’ve just recently left my role as Co-founder & COO of , a blockchain startup on a journey to create your companion in the metaverse. I’m an innovation leader who believes in constantly reinventing the way we experience the world and beyond – through introducing new methods, ideas and products.
A brief on my past roles back when I was the Innovation & Partnerships Lead of - A management consultancy that specialises in digital transformation covering new business development, technology exploitation and change management. As an Open Innovation Advocate, I’ve helped organisations such as Unilever, Grab and OCBC across Asia-Pacific transform and reach new markets through digital and innovation by connecting corporates and government with startups and the community to consider business challenges and co-create solutions.
Prior to joining , I was the Head of Sales, APAC at (Product of ). A leading artificial intelligence company that specialises in business process automation and worked with a range of MNCs, such as Singtel, Dun & Bradstreet, P&G and DBS. was acquired by NCS Group in 2021, a subsidiary of Singtel ($45B Market Cap).
I’ve also spent several years in the startup scene, having joined several startups such as (US$1.7m Seed incl. 500 Startups) and founded several startups ranging from InsureTech to Artificial Intelligence tools including Surge, an AI sales assistant for field sales professionals. My previous startup was accelerated by Plug and Play, Daimler, NTU ideasinc, Microsoft and IBM.
Others have also sought after me as startup mentor, judge and speaker having previously been part of programmes such as , , , , , , , , , and .
Gallup Top 5 Strengths: Strategic, Ideation, Connectedness, Learner, Futuristic
I enjoy meeting new people about startups, technology, investments and even food. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any cool ideas/problems to solve or if you simply want to have a coffee chat.
Twitter :

Values I hold.

No Bullshit.

Result Driven. Desire to simplify things, not complicate it.


Obsessed with finding out why? Never a slave to the norm.


It’s all about perspective. Experience what others did and feel.


Step off the path. Defy convention. See what others don't.


Stand for what I believe. Respect opinions. Advocate open communication.

Work I’ve done.

Just a quick rundown of the companies and industry I was in. More details can be found on my .
Innovation & Partnership Lead @Padang & Co - Corporate Innovation Consultancy (educating multinational companies and government agencies on digital transformation)
Head of Sales - Conversational Enterprise Solution (chatbot which automates task that no employee wants to do)
CEO @Surge - Sales Automation Solution (chatbot plug-in which automates task that no sales employee wants to do)
Enterprise Sales Manager @Gnowbe - Microlearning Platform (adult learning app for individuals with short attention span)
Business Development Manager @Caligner - Medical Adherence Device (pill dispenser that blast it's speakers to remind elderly patients on medication intake)
Merchant Acquisition Specialist @Prolley - Salon Management Platform (Improve boomers operations by optimising underutilised assets to increase monthly yield)
Notable Hackathon/Challenge Projects - Participated in over 40+ (includes sleepless nights, heated debates and copy pasting)
MIT Building for Digital Health Hackathon 2021 - V-PRO (Mental Health) []
Youth Action Challenge 2020 - The Young SEAkers (Youth Empowerment) []
Razer Fintech Hackathon 2020 - PowerUp (Alternative Credit Score) []
Startup Weekend Hackathon 2020 - Vitapop (Personalized Nutrition) []
ASES Summit Melbourne 2018 - AWAKEN (Personalized Mental Health Assistant) []
iNTUition 2017 - Nestash (Impact Investing) []
Hitachi CODESG 2017 - SYMD (Personalized Car Insurance) []

Companies/Projects I’m currently involved with.

Ideas I’m interested in launching. (Hit me up!)

If you feel that you want to start any of these ideas on your own, go ahead and launch it. I couldn’t care less if anyone steals them because I have plenty and it would be a pity to see them as mere ideas as it would be impossible for me to launch all of the them in my lifetime while providing 100% commitment to it.

Current Interest:

#Edutech #B2C #NFT #Crypto #Blockchain #Healthtech #Wellnesstech #Mentalhealth #HRTech #Recruitment #Socialcommerce #Shopatainment #Metaverse #SupplyChain #Sustainability #Logistic #DeFi #FinTech

Skolif (School of Life for Developing Children- Practical life skills):

I started developing this idea through a conversation with a friend (shoutout to Ryan) where we agreed that education needs reform. We look to education as a gateway to getting a job with the start of the industrial revolution but left out key skills such as paying taxes, critical thinking, etiquette, mannerism and more. I mean just think back at when was the last time you actually used the differential equation? I guess unless you’re an engineer or mathematician, you’ve probably forgotten most of what you’ve learnt but things that I mentioned earlier are probably applied by you on a daily basis. So what if we can actually teach children all that so that they may become a contributing member of society? Inspired by
#Edutech #B2C #Learn

Lifilo (Wisdom Library - Stories of F*ck Ups):

Have you ever looked up to someone, been inspired or even aspire to become him/her? However, you are interested in what they’ve been through, the challenges they faced and how they overcome. No, this is not a motivational platform where interviewees gets to boast their success nor is it a public relations platform. This is an opportunity for our viewers to listen to the side where founders/ leaders/ CEOs were once at their lowest, what were the cause that led to their demise and how others can avoid them. Inspired by and

Vitora (Personalized Health - Supplement Subscription):

The idea is to collect multiple sources of data points from potential users to recommend them appropriate supplements and improve their general wellbeing. Unlike traditional supplement subscription companies, the idea is not to simply rely on a logic tree health declaration survey provided by customers but rely on historical health data such as wearable devices and/or DNA test (23andMe) to generate insights and provide dynamic (E.g ageing, life events) supplement recommendation for customers. This would allow us to collect immense amount of customers data while allowing us to engage our customers on a daily/weekly basis as they sync their health data to us. In future, we can sell health insight reports to supplement manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies which would want access to health data. In addition, we can also create a community of like minded individuals where we introduce certified fitness instructions, dieticians and nutritionists to our customers. Inspired by and

Hack-Hire (Redesigning Tech Recruitment):

Recruitment is fundamentally broken. As much as we as humans are convinced about our own unbiasedness, there are certain pre-conceived notion which we cannot escape from because of our environment and how we were brought up. Thus, majority of people talents still go unnoticed not because they do not possess the capability but because we pass them over other candidates whom we deems as “safe” hires. Everyone is this world believe that there is a supply and demand issue for technology hires but my belief is that the talent supply is there, we just have to find a way to unlock it. The idea is to use hackathon to assess candidates technology capability through working on technology challenges which a corporate client is working on. Inspired by and

VIKOL (Virtual Influencer Platform Manager + Data-driven Influencers):

are nothing new as they’ve been around for quite some time almost 10 years ago. However, the entire phenomenon started with the launch of where people were astonished to find that this perfectly tailored influencer happens to be well... not human. Ever since, a slew of virtual influencer has sprung up with some even gaining more than 5 million followers (Check ). Don’t be fooled as virtual influencers is a lucrative business with some even fetching as high as US$8,500 per post (). So why would anyone want to work with a virtual influencer since wouldn’t people feel uncomfortable due to the - a term coined by Masahiro Hito? Well, not surprisingly there are clear benefits for marketers working with virtual influencers such as having complete control over influencer image, no physical or technical limitations, less reputation risk (which happens often in the world of celebrities and influencers) and even less relationship risk (afterall you will be engaging a business and not a single individual who comes with all the drama). What if we take one step further? Creating a whole universe of virtual influencers with unique background, character, personality, race and even style. Imagine the possibilities of managing all this through a platform that not only gives you a risk-free tailor made options but also backed by data. That to me is the future of influencer marketing... of course there may be limitations with the rise of but who knows what our future might bring with the rise of new technologies, computing power and growing acceptance of virtual people. Even the thoughts of merging this with NFT has crossed my mind but that would be taking it too far and would require mass market adoption for it to work. Inspired by , and .

TL:DR (AI Article Summarizer):

As students, we spent hundreds and hours of our precious time over research which we have googled. Reason is because majority of the news articles, research papers or even a book has quite a lot of what I call “filler” words or simply contextual information that’s good to have but does not actually highlight any point. What we want as students or even researchers and consultants is to find key insights or sentences which can be highlighted to us in an instant, saving us countless hours and possibly improve our research skills as well. This can be done through a chrome extension where any page which you land on would be automatically summarize and saved within 5 sentences or less. Inspired by , and .

Artistique (Salon Management System):

Let’s face it. Most of us are still calling our barbers to schedule a session with them while mentioning our favorite stylist as well, or worst, we are using rudimentary booking system that lies within contact pages. I am personally baffled that even till now my favourite salon which has six outlets around the country still requires me to provide the same information even when I’ve been their loyal customer for over 3 years and yet still ask to fill in the form whenever I visit the schedule timing (yes, this is after I made a booking). On the flip side, majority of salons are still using excel or pen and paper for booking and scheduling. The way it operates is quite unique too where focus is on seat turnover as some salons rent out seats to stylist as not all stylist are employed by the salon. In addition, most of the loyalty still lies with the stylist themselves without giving any insights to the salon management on their customers. What if we are able to create a complete vertical integrated tool that helps salon with booking, pricing, payments, analytics, reviews, loyalty engagement, booth rental, inventory management and more. Inspired by and

Hustle Hoard (Human Capital Venture Investment Fund):

Venture capital has always been focused around startups but it’s funny to think that most of the time, it’s simply never about the idea or the market for that matter especially when it comes to early stage investing but more towards the people and their ability to execute which is determined by their credibility and trust. Hustle Hoard is a crowdfunding platform that assists entrepreneurs with raising capital as an individual, through a personal holdings company rather than with an entity. This would also derisk early stage investors and help entrepreneurs not limit themselves to just one idea as investors will be investing to the individual rather than the idea. Inspired by

Pawpy (Telehealth for Pets):

This is something that I hold dear to my heart as it’s from my personal experience where there are certain behaviour and traits which can be solve if only I have access to certified veterinarians who could provide me with quick feedback on lifestyle changes which I would have to adapt for my pet. This could then be further improve through patient management system, pharmaceutical supply chain integration and pet insurance to create a pet wellness super app for pet owners. Inspired by and .

The Everything Index (Alternative Asset Class Index Tracker):

Collectable items are rapidly growing with the popularisation with NFTs as investment products. However, trying to find out an accurate estimated value has been quite difficult. Firstly, there aren’t any market standards to price a specific market item. In addition, there are multiple marketplaces and auction platforms that sells similar products at different value without a single consolidated source of data to refer too. What if we are able to create a Index say for pokemon card collectables? Now you would be able to track the top 100-500 collectables price compared to yours or even better a consolidated database of all collectable last transaction. Inspired by and .

Demebo (Decentralised Media Board):

The goal is to onboard web3 designers into the platform to create their portfolio stored using decentralised storage. It not only help promote artist work but also create a database of web3 art that might not be seen in marketplaces. Validation with web3 designers would be an issue together with convincing them them on how to use the platform. Technical challenges will come in the form of user onboarding since existing competition is quite simple to adopt though usually charged. Some key insights are how top projects artist are not credited for their work compared to project owners (Seneca from Yuga Labs). There’s also no dedicated platform to commission specifically web3 work since platforms like Fiverr have designers that reject web3 commission. A quick prototype would be connecting a simple user dashboard that allows uploading of portfolio and connect to NFT.Storage while automatically creating a gallery for users to share a unique link to their profile page.

The Referral Network (Web3 Recruiting Platform):

Aim is to integrate web3 tech into a referral-based recruitment platform. Users refer job candidates and earn blockchain-validated rewards if referrals get hired. Major challenges are trust-building, user onboarding, and competition from platforms like LinkedIn. No platform currently exists that uses blockchain for recruitment referrals. Key insights include under-recognition of effective professional connectors and traditional platforms' resistance to web3 tech. A prototype would involve creating a user dashboard for referral entries and tracking, connecting to a blockchain network, and generating unique user profile links to showcase their referral contributions.

Find X Ventures (AI for M&A):

The objective is to use AI technology to streamline the M&A process within our own brokering firm. The AI will intelligently match potential buyers with businesses facing succession challenges, significantly accelerating the process. Key challenges involve creating a user-friendly yet potent AI system and standing out against traditional M&A brokers. While there isn't specific data on businesses lacking successors, various sources highlight the ageing population and succession issues in countries like Japan, potentially leading to many SMEs facing closure. This insight drives the demand for efficient M&A solutions. A preliminary system could include an AI-powered dashboard showcasing curated matches, with features to monitor each deal's progression.

ChatDoc (AI Document Search Engine for Lawyers):

The aim is to deploy GPT AI in a chat-based document search engine tailored for lawyers, designed to swiftly locate the best related legal precedents. This cuts down the hours lawyers typically spend per engagement on such searches, freeing them for higher-value work. The challenges involve ensuring the AI's accuracy and reliability, designing an intuitive interface, and standing out amidst traditional legal search engines. No AI chat-based search engine exists today focused on legal precedents. Notably, lawyers spend substantial time searching for precedents, indicating a need for more efficient solutions. A prototype could feature a user-friendly chat interface with GPT AI integration, optimising legal precedent search for legal professionals. (Adult Entertainment Access Platform):

The mission is to develop an NFT and DAO based access platform for adult entertainment, specifically hentai comics. Users would hold NFTs granting them access to content, while a DAO structure would allow collective decision-making on platform matters. Challenges include establishing user trust, ensuring easy onboarding, and standing against conventional adult content platforms. Currently, there's no dedicated platform using NFT and DAO for such access. Key insights show a potential market in adult entertainment for blockchain integration and an opportunity for users to have a voice in content decisions. An initial system might involve an NFT purchase interface, a DAO voting mechanism, and user profiles to manage their access and participation.

What I’m good at.

Enterprise Sales - getting a corporate client to pay for a product/service (if there is one)
Pitching - convincing partners and clients that your product is worth it (whatever that means)
Sales Process - creating a system that acquires a corporate client to pay for a product/service
Product Management - building a product that customers love and raves
Pilot Management - collecting data/insights on users behaviour and validating hypothesis
B2B Product Launch - letting the world know about your product and why the benefits are awesome
UI/UX Mockups - creating a fake app/website that looks and feels like the real thing
Fundraising - getting rich people money from their pockets into yours
Monetization Strategy - making sure that you are making enough money to pay for your expenses (you have no idea the crap I’ve seen in startups when it comes to pricing)

Interesting things about me.

I did a pitch on the GMAX Extreme Swing and won:
Attended and collected over 300+ technology events/conference passes
Did a podcast where I share my experience in sales and how I took the unconventional path:

Bragging rights.

Participated and won quite a few, in over 80+ Startup Pitch Competition, Innovation Challenges, Hackathons, Accelerators and more.
2023 - BeyondBlockchain Hashgraph Hackathon ()
2022 - Hack Singapore ()
2022 - HUAWEI CLOUD Ignite Hackathon 2022 (4th Place)
2022 - J&J Eye-Spiring Hackathon (2nd Runner Up)
2022 - Filecoin Techstars Accelerator 2022 ()
2021 - Mercury Hackathon 2021 by Tribe & KryptoSeoul ()
2021 - Design4Impact by MOH Office for Healthcare Transformation ()
2021 - Startup Weekend Global ()
2021 - Startup Weekend Singapore ()
2021 - SCAPE x Isentia Hacking the New Normal Sustainability ()
2021 - MIT Building for Digital Health Hackathon ()
2020 - Razer Fintech Digital Hackathon (Top 20 Finalist)
2018 - Slush Singapore Pitch@GMAX ()
2018 - Unilever Foundry Battle (Finalist)
2018 - HSBC Innovfest Unbound (Finalist)
2018 - Krunsri Rise Batch 3 ()
2018 - FedEx Accelerator Programme (Regional Finalist)
2018 - B2B Rocks ()
2018 - SG:D Techblazer (Finalist)
2018 - $1 Million StartCon (Finalist)
2018 - Third Shanghai FTZ Overseas Talents Innovation Conference (
2017 - Startup Autobahn Singapore Accelerator Mercedes Benz Batch 1 ()
2017 - Techsauce Singapore (Top 10 Finalist)
2017 - Startup Games Singapore (Top 12 Finalist)
2017 - Hitachi Vantara codeSG (2nd Place)
2017 - Startup Weekend Singapore Woman's Edition (1st Place)
2017 - Echelon Singapore ()
2017 - Slingshot@Switch (Top 40 Qualified Finalist)
2017 - NTU Ideas Inc Incubator (Top 40 Finalist)
2017 - Oracle Accelerator Singapore (Top 35 Finalist)
2017 - Rockstart AI Accelerator (Top 20 Global Finalist)
2017 - T-Hero Innovation Challenge Singapore (Top 4 Finalist)
2017 - "Your Way 2 Silicon Valley" by Befast.TV (Top 16 Singapore Finalist)
2017 - DFF x Rockstart Pitch Competition ()
2017 - Zero Gravity Accelerator (Finalist)
2016 - Startup Weekend Singapore ()

My startup experience - MetaPals (Backed by Techstars).


My startup experience - Surge Bots (Backed by PlugNPlay).


Freebies for you.

AWS Credits:
As part of an AWS Startup Scout, I'm able to provide the following benefits through the AWS Activate Programme to technology startup looking for low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow any size business. is a program with resources designed to help startups get started on AWS. Join some of the fastest-growing startups in the world and build your business using AWS.
$5,000 in AWS Activate Credits valid for 2 years
1 year of AWS Business Support (up to $1,500).
80 credits for self-paced labs

Email me if you are interested to apply.
Chapter 3:
If you're a startup or SME that is seeking help in different aspects of your business from technology, product, marketing, sales to pitching and funding assistance then I may have a solution for you. I run a personal consultancy with a network of startup entrepreneurs, venture capitalist to industry experts who would be able to consult you on various aspects of your business.
Feel free to reach out to me for a free 1 hour consultation:


More can be found on my Linkedin page.
“Daryl was a start-up mentor in the Expara VirTech Global Accelerator. He shared knowledge from his personal start-up experience, as well as provided expertise on B2B sales. Moreover, acting as an AWS scout, he recommended the AWS activate program and supported companies in the application process. I would highly recommend Daryl not only as a mentor, but also a great connector of start-ups and investors.” - Paulina Bialek, Business Development Director, Expara Ventures, Oct ‘21
“Daryl has been one of the first support and advisor in Talis, and part of our success comes from his insights and innovative ideas. His knowledge of the ecosystem of seed businesses and his eye to spot on opportunities helped us until we released our whitepaper. With his expertise in strategy and product, he provided us with some still valid input, such as the design of the NFT Value Index and valuable tweaks in our tokenomics and go-to market strategies, for example. Overall, Daryl is an amazing collaborator who we'd like to have the opportunity to work with in the future, and I believe he would be valuable to any organization he does so with.” - Elor Henrard, Founder, Talis Protocol, Sep ‘21
“Daryl was a mentor for Magorium for the period of the Ideasinc competition in 2020. He gave us valuable advice and input as a mentor regarding our competition deck which led us to win first place in the competition. Additionally, he explored other relevant sustainability programs of interest with us. All in all, he was a dedicated mentor for Magorium and we really appreciated the time he spent working with us.” - Oh Chu Xian, Co-founder and Forbes 30 under 30, Magorium, Apr ‘21
“I first met Daryl four years ago when we were batchmates in the same accelerator, when he was the co-founder of Surge. From the get-go, he impressed me with how he carried himself, how passionate he was, and how well he sold his ideas. After we parted ways from the accelerator, he went on to grow his business which culminated in an enviable exit. He then went on to work in a role in a company where he secured high-visibility B2B contracts which was pretty darn amazing. After my own exit and the founding of my second company, he was the first person I thought of to get help for my B2B strategy. Daryl is affable, helpful, and astute – enlisting his help was a great decision. He is a rare blend of strong execution and strategy and is able to look at things from various perspectives. Not only is he a great part of my life, but I count myself fortunate to have him in my life. Whoever you are reading this, you too will benefit from having Daryl in your organization, company, or programme. Please do not hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn or email. if you need more clarification or if you want more details which are not stated here.” - Jackie Tan, CEO and Forbes 30 under 30, UpLevel, Jul ‘21
“Daryl is a well-rounded leader and business developer. Excellent in startegy, he is also experienced in the execution portion, allowing him to take insights from the ground and perfect his strategy. It was a pleasure working with Daryl at Botbot.AI. He directed me on strategizing and churning executable tactics for our marketing effort, as he also shared his rich understanding of the enterprise chatbot market. Working together with Daryl is fruitful, he's not just a good leader but also an avid learner and an effective mentor.” - Theresia Marten, Project Executive (Digital Transformation), Finexis Advisory, Dec ‘18

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