Step 4: Track Pain Points

Use this template to record your audience’s pain points in your chosen topic area and the transformation you will provide them.
From your list of communities where your audience hangs out, copy and paste your audience’s exact complaints, hopes and fears (from comments, posts, discussion boards) here. This will help you methodically pinpoint their specific wants and needs.
Then, think how you can solve the problem VERY SPECIFICALLY targeting the most painful aspect of the problem as possible.
Once you’ve got your list of pain points, narrow it down to the 2 or 3 most popular. Take a look at what’s left and decide which one you 1. Have the most authority to teach and 2. Would be most interested in teaching.
Add pain point
List of pain points
Pain Point
Transformation / USP
Include in curriculum?
WordPress Quora
"What are some ways to monetize my WordPress blog?"
BAD: I will teach you how to monetize your Wordpress blog
GOOD: I will teach you in 30 days how to use content marketing and Facebook ads to monetize your fashion blog
Blogging on Wordpress FB Group
My blog posts don't feel compelling
Wordpress Blog Youtube search
In comments: "What is the best WP template to start with?
There are no rows in this table

➡️ While you track pain points, you should also

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