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Blue Wren Priorities


POST/UPDATE service (will need to be linked to a venue later)
POST/UPDATE venue (locations)
POST/UPDATE provider (organization)
GET all services
Get all providers (organization)
Get all venues (locations)
Get all reviews

User friendly names for all field titles

BW Tweaks
Not synced yet
BW Notes
POST/UPDATE service (will need to be linked to a venue later)
POST/UPDATE venue (locations)
POST/UPDATE provider (organization)
GET all services
Get all providers (organization)
Get all venues (locations)
Get all reviews

Amending the published doc

The collector role may have a draft on the go and the assurer needs to make a quick change
So i think we agreed :
the assurer will make an edit of the ‘published’ copy.
this will generate a note on the service to tell the collector that an edit has been made since the draft started

Expanding bar

I get used to the expanding blue bar but could there be a symbol like an up arrow to show that you should click this?


Be good to add ‘notes unread’ by this user as a ‘number’ at top of notes. Also an easy why to mark as ‘ all notes read’

Default values for session

Set the attending type, attending access, deliverable-type and cost as default values for a service (This should be positioned after Coverage on current form)
These values will be the default values for any new attending session. However these default values can be changed in the Service record by ticking “Set as default” in the attending session. Only one session can have the default ticked. This should also be visible which is the default in the list of attending sessions view.

Long dropdown boxes

This applies to audience type (target audience), service type and possibly eligibility. Eligibility is a subset of audience type (target audience)
Fuzzy search would be nice


Simplify to deal with gender and age separately. Age is already there. Add ability to choose which genders are allowed to use this service using a multi select. Default to all ticked. We will confirm gender but for now use Male, Female, Non-binary.


Make age validation not allow ‘negative’ or over ‘120


MD - Coverage table needs to be unrestricted to allow for LAT/LONG polygons co-ordinates

Quick assurance/publishing

We to add ‘assured by email’ to the Order by (we may struggle fitting all these in especially with description). Perhaps this could be done under the de-duplication dashboard.
We then need an ability to assure the whole list of those under that email address

New menu heading of De-duplication

A dashboard of services (as in Services menu item) but filtered, sorted by and displaying different fields
This is to help people identify potential duplicates
Perhaps a ‘potential duplicates’ option could show all services that have same provider, venue, attending-type, contact email and contact telephone. This tried to help the de-duplication process.
Below are the suggested fields for the dashboard list view (hoping we can fit them on even if we need a horizontal scroll - perhaps we should also have the ability to export this to excel)
UUID - perhaps this is shown as a hex code to make it smaller. We need to protect it and copy its contents to the clipboard so it can be pasted elsewhere.
Name of the service
Description (don't want to take a lot of screen real estate - is it possible for a hover over or expand capability? This is just for reviewing whether it is the same service or not)
Provider (organization)
Venue (locations)
Attending-type (this will be the default value not the session value)
Attending-access (this will be the default value not the session value)
Deliverable-type (this will be the default value not the session value)
Contact email
Contact telephone
Assurer email address

Process duplicates

We need to be able to select a service as a duplicate and record the UUID of the duplicated service and mark as a duplicate if they don’t want it published. This will need an undoing as well.
Duplicate needs to be a status so that it is not published. a draft can be published or left on hold or left as a duplicate
Perhaps a ‘show duplicates’ option on the de-duplication dashboard will show a list of all records with their ‘linked’ records.
Can we change the BW Fav to DCP logo - And change the SEO meta data - Title etc
Can we remove all mentions of Blue Wren within the codebase, including the API

Make collector trusted

We agreed that a collector organisations could give one of their staff’s email address the collector role and another email address the assurer role so that trusted collectors can self-assure.
Another idea which is simpler for the user but needs the system to do it would be to add a status to a ‘collector’ of ‘trusted’. A parameter goes with this which is the number of days before an approved draft automatically becomes ‘published’.

Workflow option description

We need to give an explanation of the workflow option steps so someone will know what to choose.
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