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Podcast Production Suite Template

Welcome to your Podcast Production Studio

The Production Suite Template is your all-in-one solution to plan, produce, and publish your podcast. Here you will find a brief guide and explanation of the most important functions.

Idea Collector

In Idea Collector, you can collect and select your ideas for podcast episodes. To move your podcast episode to the next stage, you need to press the "select idea" button. This action will allow you to advance in the production process and continue working on your episode. At the same time, a show notes document is created that you can fill with additional information. Does the episode have a guest? Then click on “Yes, with Guest" and a document for the interview questions will be created.

Planning & Concept

Here you can organize your planned episodes. Write concept ideas, plan interviews, and research background information for your podcast guests.


Appointment for recording is set? All preliminary work done? Then you can keep track of the episodes that are in production here.

Released Episodes

After one game comes another. Here you can see all your published episodes. You can find links to materials, podcast covers to use on social media, links to the published episodes, and a summary of each episode. This makes it easy to find all your content in one place.

Podcast Preperation

All information for your podcast guests at a glance. For preparation of the interview appointment and for setting up the technology. You can simply share or publish this page for your guests.

Episodes Calendar

Here you can find the overview of all planned and published episodes.

Podcast Guests

Do you frequently have guests on your podcast? Make the most of your experience by managing all your guests in one place. Conduct research in advance, compile interview questions, and link extended materials and portrait photos from your Google Drive (or other cloud storage) to create a memorable and engaging podcast for your audience.

SOP - Podcast Production

Explain all the individual steps required during preparation, production and marketing. In this manner, each and every participant involved can easily and quickly identify which specific steps are required to be taken, and in what particular sequence or order they should be carried out.

Planned Features

The template will have even more features in the future:
Sponsor management
Individual input masks per status, so that only relevant information and fields are visible at a glance
Automations: Further simplifications and reduction of potential sources of error. For example, an episode can only move to the next status if certain conditions are met.
Do you have an idea or a feature request? Then write to me:


Ready to start your podcast?

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