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Sample Use Case

Serving the right experience at the right time.

Bottled Water Company

A bottled water company provides home water delivery service in selective areas of the country. They are seeing a major drop in customers in some areas. On follow-up, they realized that a number of them have moved to a new location and have not yet set up subscription with the company again. In order to regain those customers, company decides to create a "New Mover Campaign".

New Mover Campaign

This campaign is targeted towards newly moved previous customers who are eligible for home water delivery but have not yet set up their subscription.


💻 Website
📨 E-Mail
📬 Direct Mail
👤 Social Network

Customer Journey

customer journey.jpg
After they have moved into a new home
Email: Receive a welcome email containing information about their new local distributor.
If the identified customer visits the site, provide them content that greets them back and provides them an offer to start subscription again from their new home.
One Week Later
If there is no engagement as a result of the welcome email, only opened, send a follow up email containing the new mover offer.
Serve them new mover campaign creatives on social media networks. Leverage video assets over static imagery to drive engagement.
One Week Later
If there is no engagement on any channel, send a direct mail containing the offer code.
Continued optimization and personalization until conversion or rejection. This customer is already aware, and sold on your brand. They just need to be sold on your service in the new home again.

Some factors that might affect their decision are:
Someone lost their job and are cutting cost (Evaluate based on the local area)
Someone has a new responsibility, perhaps a child

Measurement Strategy

Measure web visits based on email.
Measure interactions with web personalization.
Measure their behavior in the purchase flow.
Are they adding the product to the cart and not checking out?
What steps have the most drop-offs?
Is the step design, information presented, or the cost the cause for drop-offs?
What channel is making the most impact? Re-evaluate cost and efforts based on that.


Audience Data
New Movers list can be obtained from postal office or numerous data vendors.
Cross-reference the new mover list with the known customers.
Bi-monthly audience refresh from the list. Engagement based audience changes should be real-time.
Prepare audience segments in data management platform.
Make the audiences available to the orchestration platforms.
Experience Orchestration
Leverage audiences shared by data management platform to build experience.
Build experience leveraging the provided WYSWG or javascript that will augment the webpage.
Integrate experience orchestration with analytics to measure impact of each experience.
Marketing Orchestration
Leverage audiences shared by data management platform to build campaigns.
Serve targeted creatives through those campaigns.
Tag Management
Ensure that necessary tags are in place to trigger and measure engagement.

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