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Shared Expense Tracker (for Housemates!)

Track and split expenses across a group of people

Our House

We're a big and bustling house with 5 people. We like sharing food and being a hub where the community comes together. It takes a lot to keep this house running and this tracker makes our finances easy.

How We Do House Finances

Rent: Pay your rent to
@Polly Rose
before each month. She will pay our landlords.
Utilities & Community Fund: Pay your house fund to
@Joel Davis
. The house fund is $180/person for community expenditure and utilities. If you're gone for more than half the month we'll pro-rate your share.
Spending Community Funds & Getting Reimbursed: The community fund exists to support events and shared goods that make the house great. Having a fund lowers the bar for making good things happen and avoids coordination lockup. If you buy things with the community fund, list it in the section so Joel can reimburse you. For expenditures over $180, check with the house in a house meeting first.
Food: If you get food for yourself, pay for it yourself. If you get food for a house dinner or event, or you get standard food staples for house use, that's what the community fund is for.
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