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A Template For Creating Your Brand Guidelines in Coda

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A Template For Creating Your Brand Guidelines in Coda

Get Started With Your Brand Guidelines

At , we use coda for EVE-RY-THING. (Full disclosure: We love Coda SO much that we actually ended up investing). My first use-case that got me hooked on Coda was creating a well organized brand guidelines doc, so I’ve decided to share the skeleton of ours so that you can create your own! 💀 Flesh it out as you see fit. Don’t forget to change the items in RED.

👋 Welcome to the brand guidelines document for Company Name!

The document is intended to communicate both internally and externally the proper representation of the Company Name brand. Within this document are a set of rules aimed at creating a standardizes approach to creative work in order to uphold the integrity of the Company Name brand.

Why do we have brand guidelines?

To communicate a consistent brand identity, making us recognizable and reliable.
To stay focused, ensuring the brand is not stretched too thin - rendering it unrecognizable or confusing.
To help maintain an image of professionalism

External Press Kit

An easily shared link with our boilerplate, logo files, and approved photography can be found HERE. (Replace this with your website press-kit! You can see Underscore’s
as an example)
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