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Jobs @devance

Devance Ventures is web studio that helps founders and startups build products users love.
Successful startups have one thing in common: they have great products. It's not about having many features or aesthetics. It's about solving an intense and recurring problem to real users 10x better than current alternatives.
It may sound simple, but the process is tough, messy and takes a lot of work. That’s why we love to get our hands dirty along with the founder’s team doing activities like UX/UI Design, Brand DNA, Agile Development and Product Management.

About us

A team of creators, crazy enough to think that the future can still be designed. Some of us have been founders or worked at a startup, others come from digital agencies, design studios or consultancy firms. We don’t have headquarters because we were born global with a remote-first mindset. We believe that smart and happy individuals can create amazing startups without giving their lives away. We embrace diversity and welcome open minded individuals that share the idea of improving people’s life through innovation.

Our Principles

These principles define who we are and how we want to interact with the world. They will help us make better and more consistent decisions.
Well being is more important than money.
Curiosity is more important than expertise.
Problems are more important than solutions.
Empathy is more important than intelligence.

Open Positions


Depending on member’s experience, role and involvement on the projects there are different kinds of compensation:
Base. Shall be just enough for team member to make a living. The idea behind it is that the person is not worried about covering basic needs. This is offered on case by case basis. The agreement is based on time dedicated.
Bonus. This are cash compensation based on performance and goal accomplishment. The idea behind it is to incentivize productivity. The agreement is based on goals accomplishment.
Equity. This is the main form of compensation. This will be offered to members that demonstrates sustain commitment and ability to perform. The agreement is based on time dedicated, goals accomplishment, and commitment.
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