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An Unofficial Guide for SCAD Students
Last edited 169 days ago by Desmond Du


This is knowledge base for SCAD and Motion Media Design students, created by Desmond Du (M.F.A. MOME, 2019).


In March 2023, I created this Coda workspace by migrating content from a previous Notion workspace. This workspace contains curated information from my 7 years as a BFA and MFA student at SCAD (2016-2023), with the aim of documenting the processes of being a student and sharing knowledge with my peers and the department. My goal is to create a comprehensive knowledge base for the MOME department, something that I have been trying to achieve for years. However, it has been challenging to recruit interested collaborators or find a platform with an aesthetically pleasing user interface and experience. While Notion was a good starting point, it was ultimately insufficient for our needs.
I strongly believe that by having an accessible knowledge base, both students and faculty can succeed with ease at their time at SCAD.
— Desmond Du, 30 March 2023

Join the Resource Team

If you are interested in being part of this Coda workspace, and creating new pages and knowledge or modifying existing, do not hesitate to contact me about this at about your interest.

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