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Denys Dinkevych

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About me

Hi fellow reader 👋
I am passionate & resourceful sourcing professional with more than 7 years of internet recruiting experience with a strong emphasis on sourcing.
I use my breadth of industry-specific knowledge and understanding of the skills required to meet my client's and candidate’s needs consistently. Able to read between the lines and decipher job descriptions, analyse complex, multi-faceted information and quickly grasp new ideas.
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Work Experience

Global Talent Sourcer

⚡ Highlights
Business Sourcing: heavily involved in pipeline-building activities for Sales, and AE roles in Germany. Working closely with the recruiters & hiring teams to craft, implement and then reiterate the most meticulous sourcing strategies (project delivery timeframe ~ 2 months);
Technology Sourcing: hiring for evergreen engineering roles, Staff/Principal positions & some hard-to-fill requisitions for the banking team;
Job Description Revamp:
Initiated the redesign of the way we describe our job postings here at Spendesk. To make them more appealing, structured & concise - I worked closely with hiring teams & TA function in order to granularly adopt each job description to the new standard & as a final result - implemented this approach company wide for all job postings (timeframe ~ 6 months);
Talent Mapping: compiled a business intelligence on the list of 5k+ tech companies along German, French & UK markets. Aggregated data rom variety of sources including Crunchbase, AngelList, startup-mab-berlin, ,, , LinkedIn, HackerNews, various Google searches, and more. Maintained & organised all these data in Google Sheets & visualised everything along the dashboard created within Looker Data Studio (formerly Google Data Studio). Dashboard been utilised during the sourcing planning sessions (it can provide you with a list of companies to target candidates from, based on specific criteria 0 with just few clicks (timeframe ~ 2 months);
Recruitment Analytics Dashboards: developed & distributed across wider TA team a set of reporting dashboards in Gem to track how exactly we hire. Set-up recurring updates shared either over Slack and/or email re pipeline statistics for each TAs individually, TA managers & hiring managers in particular (timeframe ~ 2 months):
1st Dashboard: Outreach Activity (reached out, response rate, interested rate, outreach types efficiency, etc.)
2nd Dashboard: Interviewing Activity (# recruiter phone screens, # panel 1, # panel 2, etc.)
3rd Dashboard: TA Leadership Team (offer decline reasons, forecasting, time to hire, etc.)
4th Dashboard: Technical Hiring Managers (rejection reasons, interviewing pass-through rate, offer declined reasons, etc.)
Gem Training Library:
Developed & maintained a training library for our recruitment CRM system with more than 50 explanatory Loom videos recorded (up to 3 mins each) and intuitively stored along the Notion page. Each video’s showcasing some part of Gem’s functionality in simple & friendly manner. Designed the self-explanatory onboarding flow for each new member of the TA team (timeframe ~ 1 month);
Technical Interview Guide:
Developed a Notion page where together with hiring managers and recruiters, we shared an answers to the most common questions that candidates come up with during the test task. to increase the pass-through rate across this interviewing stage in particular (timeframe ~ 2 weeks);
Talent Intelligence Feed: developed & set up an alerts system on Slack - that’s monitoring LIVE appearance of the specific keywords (acquired, acquisition, layoffs, riffs, talent shortage, laid-off, salary report, etc.) in headlines of new articles across leading technology media websites (TechCrunch, VentureBeat, …). I’ve created a certain amount of RSS feeds & linked them to a specific Slack channel. For each source - bunch or RSS feeds covering and put specific keywords behind it so it will notify you only if there’s a relevant keyword appears (timeframe ~ 1 month).

Talent Sourcing Lead
⚡ Highlights
Developed and implemented first-ever internal sourcing function throughout the delivery of a series of pieces of training & QC activities within the recruitment team along with a robust processes documentation design;
Designed & implemented the sourcing corporate competency model;
Standardised all of the early stages of our recruitment process related to sourcing that is covering the (p)research, intake meeting phase and ensuring expected & confident launch of the recruitment process;
Developed a consultative partnership with Hiring Managers and business leaders to set the strategic direction for sourcing and recruitment efforts on job profiles and requirements and market trends;
Leverage various knowledge and technologies to research, develop, and implement sourcing strategies actively. This includes deep strategic, analytical thinking, and application of various data analytics, sourcing/recruitment channels, and tools;
Cross-collaborate globally with various teams in iDeals to provide the best possible match based on the candidate’s background and continued interests;
Building passive pipelines for technical talent within the applications (.Net, Angular, R&D Engineers, Data Analysts, Product Managers, UX Designers) and infrastructure (Managers, Systems/Network Administrators, SREs) verticals while understanding their skills, goals, and compensation requirements;
Build a high-performance sourcing team by assisting in the hiring and leading training of new recruiters;
Successfully implemented Lever as an ATS and Gem as a recruitment CRM system
Metrics Improvement:
Response Rate ⏫ 15>48%;
Email Discoverability Rate ⏫ 30>90%

Sourcing Recruiter

⚡ Highlights
Established strong relationships with hiring managers to obtain a clear understanding of the talent needs for an open position, and how it pertains to the entire organisation;
Coordination of the sourcing activities: intake meeting, strategic research, talent mapping, pipeline nurturing, providing feedback, reference checking;
Delivering sufficient high-quality pipelines with further acquisition for a various job openings simultaneously;
Communicating with both recruiting and leadership teams to understand the requirements and aligning sourcing function & digital part of employer branding priority with business needs;
Personally responsible for the identification of 13 hired employees

Engineering Sourcer

⚡ Highlights
Building the Clojure/Clojure Script talent pipeline for satisfying current hiring needs. Understand technical requirements of a role and how it fits into the organisation;
Execute on tactical outreach, referral generation, events and pipelining efforts;
Partner closely with hiring managers and recruitment team to drive the most effective end-to-end hiring strategy for the business;
Research and gather market intelligence related to functional-programming trends, thought leaders, industry's best etc.

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