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About us

Scratchr is a community effort to deal with the problem of stray cats in Split, Croatia.

The idea for the project came from Mahina who volunteers in local animal shelter. Initial exploration of the project was done at Hack4Split hackathon by a team of hackers.
Participants in the project are volunteers, veterinarians and NGOs. You can support the project with or by becoming a .

Our vision

City without stray cats.
Stray cats live awful, short lives. Most of them suffer a serious illness. They often lack food. More often than not, their lives end brutally. Cats shouldn’t live on streets on the cities.


Our purpose is to leverage the passion of volunteers and empathy of the public to achieve this vision.
We collect and allocate donations.
We keep track of tasks being done.
We manage volunteer work.
We publicly promote the project.

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