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How to use the Game Night doc for games available on Steam.

Copy this doc!
Copy this doc
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In order for this doc to work, you have to share it with your friends!
Make sure you set anyone that you invite, to “can edit”.
Setting up the profiles
Go to the page, enter the player profile ID’s. You can find your ID and others by visiting
The shows all games you have in common with your friends. Even the single player ones.
The page will automatically filter the games that are multiplayer specific.
How voting works
will display all the games you have up voted. And at the very top in your First, Second and Third on the .
will display all the games you have down voted, and will hide the games completely from showing up in your First, Second and Third. But will put them at the top of your Ban field on the .
Once you voted for your First, Second and Third picks, the results will be revealed on the in a ranked order, based on where you placed it in the voting. And calculate it according to what everyone else voted on.
At the end of the night
An Automation will log the top voted game as the played game into the .
It will also update the to add 7 days to the current date and time. So change those Start Time and End Time that reflects your schedule. If you would like to change this, see the Automations rule, Archive & Next Session.
If you do change the date, make sure to update the Archive & Next Session automation also. Our game night is on Wednesday, so it it runs on Thursday.
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