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Testing Docs

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Testing Docs

Updates can be dull. They're hard to read and even harder to write.
But they matter. Whether it's sharing project progress with stakeholders or giving a standup update asynchronously, they keep everyone informed and accountable.
Right now, there isn't a great method for easy-to-read updates:
Most people post a long list of bullet points on the task, which is tough to get through.
AI StandUp provides a list of updates, but it's fully automated and lacks important (human) context
There's no way to see what's changed week over week (aka are we doing better or worse)
You can't quickly look at a project and know where it's at at a glance
The larger a company scales, the harder it becomes to keep track of everything, requiring more project managers and more syncs about progress.

Updates keep everyone aligned

Updates give everyone
Updates let users post about their progress on anything. They show the status of a project, goal, or area - whether it's at risk, moving forward, or complete. With updates, you can spot trends and get more info if you need it.

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