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California MCLE Compliance Tracker

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California MCLE Compliance Tracker

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👋 Introduction

When I was at a law firm, I only thought about my MCLE requirements two months or so ahead of my reporting period deadline, when my law firm emailed me to highlight the few requirements I had left to complete and the upcoming classes they scheduled so that I could easily get there.
Now that I’m in-house at Coda, I need to manage tracking my classes and saving all my documentation myself, so I created this Coda document to help.

📜 California MCLE Requirements

Review the for up-to-date information and information on exemptions, new admittees and other specialized situations. This published document isn’t regularly updated.
With a few exceptions, all attorneys who are actively practicing law in California must complete 25 hours of Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) every three years and file a report with the State Bar.
Requirements for attorneys who must report for the period ending on January 31, 2023 and thereafter (includes new requirement on implicit bias and the promotion of bias-reducing strategies)
Total of 25 hours required.
Half of the 25 MCLE hours must be in activities approved for what is called .
Other special requirements:
At least four hours of legal ethics;
At least one hour on competence issues; and
At least two hours dealing with elimination of bias. Of the two hours, at least one hour must focus on implicit bias and the promotion of bias-reducing strategies.
California may audit compliance. If an MCLE report is audited, attorneys must be prepared to provide:
Certificates of attendance
Records of self-study activities that includes the following information: course title, provider, time spent in the activity, subject matter of the activity and the activity date
Attorneys are required to keep these records for at least a year from the time they reported.
Compliance is reported online through
For questions, please email .

👉 Get started

This doc is meant to be used!
Copy this doc
Review the type of information that is added for a class and then
Clear All Sample Data
Visit the
and choose your Compliance Group and Compliance Period.
Start adding your own classes. Note that you can attach your certificate to the class entry.
After your compliance period has ended, simply choose the next Compliance Period from the drop-down list. All your classes will still be available in in case you are audited.

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