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Productivity Tools Tracker

The below tracker is maintained at all points covering all productivity tools in use and the following parameters:
Frequency of subscription
Next renewal date
Amount of renewal
Annual cost
Card attached for payment

Link to the tracker:

SOP for Tool addition

For introduction and implementation of any new tool into the operating framework, the Founder’s Office Staff in collaboration with Team Lead shall evaluate and select productivity tools based on the specific needs of the system as well as the team. The selection process should involve considering the requirements, goals, and workflows of the team to identify the most suitable tool for the desired use-case.
The following steps are to be followed for the same:
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The primary step is to evaluate the necessity for the addition of a new tool into the existing operating framework since the same will alter the current framework and has to be a long-term solution that serves a well-defined purpose. The following points/questions need to be kept in mind while doing the same:
Are there any existing tools as part of the framework that are similar in nature ?
If yes, have we explored all potential capabilities of the tool to serve the desired use-case/problem in question ?
Would the addition of a tool help in reducing entropy significantly ?
Can we use a combination of two or more existing tools to solve the problem ?
Is the use-case/problem significant enough to warrant the addition of a new tool into the framework ?
Identification of alternatives and documentation:
If the pre-evaluation is concluded that a new tool is in fact required, then the next step would be identify different tools that appear to solve the problem and make necessary documentation on multiple parameters including but not limited to:
Free-version capabilities
Pricing (per user per month)
Compatibility/Integrations with other software
Core use-case
Ease of use (and Learning Curve)
Customization and Flexibility
Security features
Problem-specific parameters (e.g. for evaluating a digital documentation tool, specific factors such as ‘Storage’, ‘Add-on signatures’, etc. need to be documented for each tool)
Comparative Analysis & Selection:
The documentation must then be evaluated by the Team Lead and observations and suggestions arising out of the analysis must be documented and shared with the Founder’s Office.
A joint evaluation of the same is done and the final suggestion is presented to the CEO for approval
Approval & Implementation
The suggestion is then approved or rejected by the CEO.
If the rejection was with respect to all available alternatives, then new alternatives are identified and process as per #2 is to be followed.
If the rejection was with respect to the requirement for a productivity tool, then the evaluation is dropped at this point.
If approved, then the next step is to be followed:
Once it is approved, then the cost budget for the same is shared with Finance for initial purchase and a date of implementation is set with a minimum lead time of 7 days or 5 working days. The following steps are to be followed:
Founder’s Office/BizOps raises a mail to keeping CEO in CC, with the subject “Productivity Tools | New Tool Addition” stating the following:
Details of the tool such as name, URL, desired use-case, etc.
Annual cost budget and number of users to begin with
Process Owner
Finance shares an acknowledgement of the same. Founder’s Office/BizOps coordinates with Finance to complete the payment for the same.
Founder’s Office/BizOps carries out Pilot Run of the software using
Iterations are made as required and the tool is formally rolled out to the respective team via email.
Training, if any necessary is to be provided in the form of written documentation supported by a video recording. Alternatively, the initial training can be done via GMeet and the same can be recorded and used for documentation purposes.

SOP for User addition

For any new user addition to a tool, the following process must be followed:
Tech: Request to be raised on #technology and the new user to be added by one of the Team Leads
Non-tech: Request to be raised on #lt-bizops by the concerned Team Lead and the Founder’s Office Staff/BizOps team must add the new user onto the respective tool(s)
Note: Credentials for the created user to be shared with them on Slack.
If it involves an additional cost element, the Founder’s Office Staff must evaluate the necessity of the user addition and accordingly take the action.


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