deFarm is a social investing layer that is built on top of an on-chain asset management protocol. We are now available on Arbitrum Goerli. Mainnet is due on Q4-2023

deFarm is a new type of Social Finance platform that truly mixes the best of both worlds together. Our aim is to provide a social platform that encourages LPs to meet with Asset Managers, and cooperate with each other to achieve maximum capital efficiency.
Speaking in simple terms/Layman Language, deFarm allows Fund Managers to create smart-contract based DeFi Vaults, which act like secured funds. Liquidity Providers can entrust their funds into the hands of other Funds Managers to earn passive income without the need to worry about the safety of their money

Things you can do with deFarm

Why deFarm?

Become an investor, browse, and participate in the best trading ideas and investment managers/funds.
Become a fund manager, crowdfunding your trading ideas or investment funds. Users can manage and execute their funds on-chain through our DEX partners. Of course, you will earn performance fees from investors along the way.
Speculate on Managers, opening new way of earning revenue to managers, investors and our platform.
Having fun with our Social System
Investing Made Easy
deFarm makes onchain investing easy and accessible to everyone with our user-friendly interface and straightforward investment process. We believe that anyone should be able to participate in the DeFi space, regardless of their technical expertise.

At deFarm, we utilize the concept of hyperstructures to provide a platform that is unstoppable, free, valuable, expansive, permissionless, positive sum, and credibly neutral. Hyperstructures are a new type of infrastructure that run on blockchains and are characterized by their ability to run for free and forever without maintenance, interruption, or intermediaries. Our platform runs on hyperstructures that are built on blockchains, which means that it is universally accessible and censorship resistant. Additionally, the built-in incentives for participants in our platform create a win-win environment for everyone, while the user-agnostic protocol ensures that the platform is credibly neutral.
deFarm is a permissionless platform, which means that anyone can create, manage, and invest in funds without any need for intermediaries or third-party approvals. This enhances transparency and trust among investors, as they have full control over their funds and can track their investments in real-time.
A strong and engaged user community is the key to building a successful DeFi platform. That's why we've made community building a core tenet of our platform's design and operation. Our platform is designed with community-centric values, which means that we prioritize the needs and interests of our users above everything else.
Revenue Sharing
We believe in community-centric values, which is why we have built our platform with revenue-sharing capabilities. This means that profits generated from the funds are shared among the investors and the platform, incentivizing all stakeholders to contribute to the growth and success of the platform in the long-term.
We understand that security is paramount when it comes to DeFi investing. That's why we've implemented a robust security framework that incorporates the latest industry-standard best practices. deFarm utilizes advanced encryption and multi-signature wallets to protect users' funds from unauthorized access. Additionally, we have a rigorous identity verification process in place to ensure that our users are who they claim to be. We understand that trust is the foundation of any successful DeFi platform, and we take that responsibility seriously.
Unique and Innovative Values
deFarm is committed to pushing the boundaries of DeFi innovation. We are constantly seeking out new and unique ways to provide value to our users, whether through the development of cutting-edge technology or the implementation of novel investment strategies. Our team is comprised of industry experts with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, allowing us to approach problem-solving in a collaborative and creative manner. We believe that our commitment to innovation and our ability to think outside the box sets us apart from other DeFi platforms and positions us for long-term success.

Additionally, users can do all of those embracing the beauties of decentralization. In other words, everything is executed on-chain and under non-custodial methodology, which means your assets should be safe within your reach. With Game Theory applied deep within every aspect of our platform, bad actors are definitely ruled out.
All in all, our platform is all about decentralization and socialization in investment. The main goal of deFarm is to deliver a social platform that helps on-chain investing to become more accessible and more efficient to all types of participants, therefore bringing mass adoption to the crypto space. To get to know more about our visions, visit Our Theses.
Welcome to deFarm. Invest together for the better.

Table of Content

I. The Layers

II. The New Economy

III. Roadmap and Progress

IV. Wiki

V. Resources

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