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Welcome to the Lost in Paradise 2: Out of the dark. The second game of the Lost in Paradise Trilogy – completely created in Coda. You can move, fight, collect items and interact with the objects or NPCs. You will never play a game twice since the world is generated randomly. Have fun :)

🚪 Find an exit

Find a way out of the Cave.

👱🏻‍♂️ Play as yourself

You can choose between different characters. Even though characters can have a different appearance they all have the same chances of winning and will be treated equally.

🏃 Make your move

Click on an arrow to move. With every move, the world get's uncovered a little bit more. Oh and btw: You can't move, while you are in a fight.

🕷 Watch your step

You will face different enemies and other dangerous surprises, so better be careful.

🗡 Fight the enemies

You can attack your enemies from the left or the right side. You will win or lose a fight depending on the chosen direction and the strength of an enemy. If you hit, your enemy is dead immediately. If you miss your attack, you lose one ❤️.

❤️ Stay alive

Depending on the difficulty you start with five, three or just one live. You can gain lives by eating items from your inventory. The maximum of lives you can have is five.

🎒 Collect items

Collectible items are spread all over the world. You can pick them up and carry them in your backpack – they might be useful later. Select an item and consume it below the backpack.

🏆 Compete with your friends

When you make it to the end, your points will be saved in the Highscore. The points are based on your fights, energy, items, and number of turns.
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