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Get Things Done (your way)


@Anonymous User

This doc is for personal use so it has crappy UX, but it has some tricks I’m proud of

capturing is pretty regular
the detail view of is particularly nice because i’ve set an intuitive way of going throught the GTD flow steps: answer yes or no to the questions as they show up and the organize call to action will tell you in wich bucket to store that item
reflect is completely rusty
is nice:
the view lists only the tasks I’m actually able to do in this particular context and energy level and time available (filter bar)
I can snooze tasks with the snooze column and they will automatically come back to the short list after the snooze finishes
the colum guide does almost all the magic, formulaiclly calculating when I’m able to do a task and when it is still not ready to be atacked because of dependencies, dates and other metadata that does not correspond with the criteria filtered out

When you are ready, clear all the sample data pressing this button
Delete rows
Go boost your productivity 🚀

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