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DOCtorate Application
Daniel Sánchez

About Me

🗺️ Where I’m from
I’m from Mexico. I studied Communication in the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and I studied Programming in High School, so I have a mix of abilities and interests between sciences and humanities.
🎢 What I like to do
I love to read, particularly science fiction. I like to watch movies and to take MOOCs. I occasionally write short stories and practice Japanese.
❇️ How I learn
I’m a visual person, once I see something getting done, it is easier for me to replicate it, more than if it is just explained verbally. I like to use diagrams like flow charts and concept maps to summarize the new things I’m learning. Also, I think that tables are really powerful tools, not only for numbers but for short ideas and concepts.
🙋 Why I’m here
Two big pop-up notifications in both mobile and desktop interfaces are what brought me here. I’m looking to learn more about formulas because recently I started to use Coda to keep my personal finances on track and I think that there are some complex formulas that can generate very interesting views about my recurring expenses.
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