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7 Years of Great Storytelling

Above artwork is by Kent Davis (@iDrawBagman) who created this incredible piece of a Winter’s Crest in Whitestone. All art found at https://critrole.com/downloads/
As viewers of the famed Thursday Night show on , we can hardly believe it has been seven years and three campaigns of storytelling brilliance. We’re sure for many of the self proclaimed “nerdy-ass voice actors” who are the stars of the the show, the feeling is mutual as well.
What started off as a peek into a private home game of Dungeons and Dragons and “busking” for views and subscriptions on the famed has turned into a global phenomenon. From countless fan art submissions, establishing a , creating themed minis, comics, building a , releasing , and just recently releasing the debut of a backed by over 88k sponsors raising over 11 million! To say these nerds are working, is an understatement!
As a Critter from year 1 we wanted to take a moment and share with you, in celebration, how Matt Mercer’s notes can be taken to the next level!
Note: These were posted by Matt himself to show how he lays out his data. ⚠️ There are spoilers ahead ⚠️ so if you are not caught up on season two, you have been warned!

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