Gestalt Psychotherapy
My name is Damir, and currently, I am a student in the second step of the . As a part of my studies, I have been practicing therapeutic skills . Through this experience, I have realized the importance of having a reliable source for gathering necessary information for beginner therapists.
My therapeutic style is about merging classic therapy, neuroscience studies, and a broad understanding of human psychology. I believe that the connection between Gestalt therapy and neuroscience is crucial in comprehending how our minds work. By incorporating this knowledge into my practice, I can better understand my clients’ experiences and help them gain a deeper understanding of themselves.
Furthermore, a broad knowledge of people's behavior is essential to provide effective therapy. My approach is holistic and takes into account the many factors that can impact a person's well-being. By looking at the bigger picture, I can help my clients better understand their behavior and make positive changes in their lives.
Overall, I am passionate about helping others and committed to providing the best possible care for my clients. I am excited to continue my journey as a therapist and look forward to helping others achieve their goals.

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