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Airtable Sync

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Airtable Sync

Figma Plugin
Airtable Sync Plugin for Figma. Unique Pushing Back Feature! Say goodbye to manual data entry & tedious updates! ⚡ Save time & supercharge your design process now!


How to use

Prep your Airtable Bases
Add an Attachment field for results
Set up Figma template
Name layers according to Airtable fields
Run the plugin & sync your data seamlessly
Push generated design variations back to Airtable with ease
⚡ Not sure how it works? Try out Demo Mode with our content, no strings attached 💔

Push Back Feature

Something we really appreciate in our plugin is... it’s ability to eliminate mess from any workflow.
⚡⚡⚡ Try the Push Back feature - store, update and approve your designs in a single click
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Monthly subscription for those who appreciate order.
Manage your subscription in plugin settings. Start, cancel & renew any time.

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