Mental Health Musings

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Suggested Topics


April: Self-care
May: Stress management
June: Stigma and mental health (including self-stigma)
July: Seeking professional help
August: Depression
September: Building resilience
October: Sleep and mental health
November: Mental health in the workplace
December: Anxiety-related disorders (including hoarding, trichotillomania, and skin-picking disorder)


January: Social support
February: Mindfulness
March: Eating disorders
These next podcast topics are additional topics suggested by server members apart from what were voted in the poll (the previous topics that have been listed).
With that said, we can schedule the episode topics in any order we want, but the following schedule is my suggestion (from April 2025 onwards):
April: Self-worth and importance of self-love
May: The inner child
June: Loneliness and social isolation
July: Self-sabotage
August: Grief and loss
September: Fear of abandonment
October: Overcoming trust issues
November: Parenting
December: Family dysfunction and intergenerational trauma


January: Laziness
February: Overachievement and perfectionism
March: Job burnout
April: Financial stress and mental health
May: Existential and spiritual crisis
June: The role of genetics in mental health
July: Emotion regulation
August: Dissociation
September: Complex trauma
October: High-functioning mental health conditions and masking
November: Suicide and suicidal ideation
December: N/A

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