How to use Android TV Stick?

Just simple 3 steps to use Android TV Stick.
Firstly, connect Android TV Stick’s HDMI interface with TV’s HDMI port. Its play and plug, no need to install any software. Frequent plugging and unplugging of the HDMI interface will easily damage the TV'S HDMI PORT. Therefore, TV STICK SUPPLIER has taken this into consideration and is equipped with a male to female HDMI adapter cable.
Secondly, connect the TV STICK to the power supply, use the CE FCC international standard power plug provided by TV STICK SUPPLIER.
Thirdly, open your TV, enter into home screen UI, choose settings, open your networking, connect your home WiFi.
Now you can enjoy surfing internet world.
TV Stick manufacturer has installed the prime streaming and popular APPs for users, such as: YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Google etc. Just use the remote control provided by Android TV Stick manufacturer. There are also a variety of different remote controls available. Commonly used infrared remote controls, Bluetooth remote controls with voice functions.
Keyboard remote controls are also becoming more and more popular. It uses to connect with TV to form a Mini PC, keyboard remotes are mini keyboards.
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