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Welcome to Metanoia Associates - Your Induction Training Journey Begins!
Congratulations again
We are pleased to offer you the position and officially welcome you to the Metanoia family. We believe you will be a valuable addition to our growing team. We're excited to offer you a fast-paced, fun-filled workplace where you'll have countless opportunities to up skill, diversify your talents, and grow both professionally and personally.
As you embark on your journey with us, we want to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. To kick things off, here are a few key details:
Start Date: scheduledTime
Location: 11-13 New Wakefield Street, 3rd Floor, Manchester, M1 5NP
Please take a moment to complete the following link for your pre-training paperwork. This will help us streamline the administrative process and ensure a focused training experience for you:
Gather Onboarding Email:
Check your email from "Gather Onboarding."
Log in and upload documents for Right to Work and ID documents.
A UK passport is ideal for both your Right to Work and ID document; otherwise, use a photo ID and a document with your National Insurance number.
If you have a visa, upload documents and your share code for proof of the right to work.
Use this link to gain access to your share code:
PowerLearn Modules:
Modules for PowerLearn are sent for your training preparation.
You do not need to complete them until your second day in the office.
Team App:
Download our team app before induction for valuable content.
Use Office Pin: 6210 when prompted.
This resource will aid in your development.
Induction Essentials:
Bring only a notepad and pen as you will be required to take notes during the training session.
Dress Code:
Wear business attire; avoid jeans, t-shirts, and trainers.
Dress appropriately for the office environment.
Contact Your Leader:
If you have questions before your induction, reach out to your leader.
They are available to assist you.
We're genuinely looking forward to growing and achieving great things together.
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