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Generating a QR Code

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Tips for making a continuous card payment regular gift donation

Don’t generate a QR code until the following have all been done:
The supporter understands that the first £15 is today and will come out straight away
They know how they are going to pay - whether its Google Pay, Apple Pay or typing in their bank details manually- also an option to scan the card instead of typing it out manually
Where possible/necessary- if they need to verify the purchase on their mobile banking app - get them to select OTP. What that will do is give them a one time passcode so they can verify it instead of going through the mobile banking app- which can sometimes be a bit temperamental
Explain the Verification call on the summary page
Don’t proceed until you see ‘Thank you for your support’ on their phone/tablet

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Field Issue Report Form

For the effective communication of incidents that may occur in the field.

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