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Immerse yourself in managing your finances. This tool offers a tangible perspective on how, where, and when you're spending your money. Take control of your finances to pave the way for reaching your financial goals and turning your dreams into reality.

What is Know your numbers?

"Know Your Numbers" serves as a Personal Financial Dashboard, offering a user-friendly calculator crafted to enhance financial clarity for individuals. This tool involves understanding your financial figures, providing precise insights into your expenses. It encourages setting ambitious goals, defining actionable steps, and empowers you to understand and manage your spending.
(Take a big-picture approach, define steps, and apply timelines to your dreams.)

📖Read this First

This tool is designed to assist you in building and maintaining a monthly and annual budget. It consists of three phases to guide you through the setup process.

1.Calculate Expenses & Income

Know your expenses:
Understand the current cost of your life.
Identify the disparity between your current lifestyle and the ideal lifestyle you aim to achieve.
Get clarity about your income:
Determine the total income you receive.
Identify the sources of your income.
Be open and creative in exploring new potential income sources.

2. Take a look into your Financial Blueprint

Your Financial Blueprint is the condensed overview of your Numbers and Aspirations. After processing the figures in the calculator, this breakdown provides a real-life snapshot of your financial standing. It serves as a guide, enabling you to steer the wheel toward a life that aligns more closely with your desires.

3. Adjust your rates in our Daily Fee Calculator

Tailored for freelancers, this calculator allows you to:
Define your desired earnings.
Set your selling price per day or hour.
Simply input your parameters to calculate the appropriate daily or hourly rate that aligns with your financial goals.

💥Let's start

Those are the steps to create a real budget, goals, and achieve your ideal lifestyle:
Step 1
Write down the cost and expenses of your life. List your monthly expenses (phone, internet, rent, etc.)
Step 2
Determine your income sources.
Step 3
Calculator results are in! Discover the monthly and daily earnings you'll need to make your dreams and ideal lifestyle a reality.
Step 4
Now that you've figured out what you make and spend, decide how much you want to earn and set your price per day or hour.
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👉Let’s start. Move on to your Step 1 - Expenses Calculator:

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