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April 9, 2024

Today ​You to Everyone 10:05 AM teenage angst rebellion phase inconsistent star signs = astrology ​You to Everyone 10:10 AM two-faced cheerful bashed in crushed fatal fatal=deadly constitute= mean does it constitute = does it mean ​You to Everyone 10:16 AM cpr innocent bystander effect differentiate asleep ​You to Everyone 10:22 AM conscience politically correct sheep mindset ​Philippines, 임병선 to Everyone 10:24 AM coward ​You to Everyone 10:24 AM fate destiny I was destined to meet you ​Philippines, 임병선 to Everyone 10:29 AM 🤣 ​You to Everyone 10:33 AM confess ​You to Everyone 10:40 AM better job put a strain on something ​You to Everyone 10:47 AM conspiracy ​Philippines, 임병선 to Everyone 10:47 AM conspiracy ​You to Everyone 10:47 AM conspiracy theories severe influenza ​You to Everyone 10:55 AM redundant fighting it off? fighting off the antigen
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