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Ganbaru [(Kanji) Flashcard App with Spaced Repetition]

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Ganbaru [JLPT N4 and N5 Kanji ONLY]

Study kanji flashcards using spaced repetition

Welcome to Ganbaru!

This will help you memorize the on-yomi and kun-yomi of kanji through flashcards using spaced repetition. You can set the kanji’s meaning and/or examples to be shown.
This particular doc only has JLPT N4 and N5 kanji but you can modify it to add more.

Explore the doc

This doc has four key sections to explore:
毎日練習しましょう! (Let’s practice everyday!)
Check out how you've been progressing over time in your knowledge of kanji.
Review all the kanji without quizzing yourself.
Adjust the study intervals and enable or disable daily notifications from this doc.
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How to use this doc

Follow these easy steps to get things up and running.
1️⃣ Adjust your to your preferences
Make sure to turn on notifications and progress tracking if you want to use those features.
2️⃣ Start studying!

Special thanks

This Coda doc is modified from Gil Goldshlager’s .
The kanji list is from .

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