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We’re a women-led team of Coda enthusiasts. Our team brings together expertise in Excel spreadsheets, JavaScript programming, operations consulting, design, and project management. Together, we’ve been helping clients with their no-code needs since 2019.
What we can help with
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New Doc Buildouts: We specialize in new doc buildouts, starting with aligning on project goals, then visualizing the workflows, building out the doc iteratively while collaborating with you on implementation decisions, and finally training you on your new doc. This often entails transferring your complicated workflows from Excel spreadsheets into simple, automated Coda docs.
Custom Pack Creation: We have two full-stack developers on our team who can consult you on your Pack ideas, co-build packs with you, or build them for you. In addition to making packs for our own purposes, we’ve also made Packs during new doc buildouts to make the docs work exactly as desired by our clients.
Packs Implementation: Our full-stack developers are experts in working with integrations and APIs. If you’re having trouble getting the data you need from a Pack (or from somewhere else), we can help.

Process Design & Automation: Almost all of the docs we build have automations in them to reduce manual effort. We can help you identify areas where automations can save you time and implement them for you.

Areas of expertise
We are keen to tackle any Coda challenges that come our way, but some areas we’ve worked in before include:
Use cases: Project Management, Inventory Tracking, Operations Dashboard
Industries: Logging, Utilities, Construction, Retail, Insurance
Size of businesses: Small, Medium, Large
Packs implementation: , , , ,

Our Work
Project Examples
Sawmill Operations Tracker ​We built two Coda docs for - one for tracking log deliveries, and one for tracking timber production. Prior to this engagement, our client was tracking everything in several complex Excel spreadsheets. Now, many of her tasks are automated, the two Coda docs sync with each other using Cross-doc to track inventory, and she is able to spend more time focusing on business strategy.
New Doc Buildout Custom Pack Creation Packs Implementation Process Design & Automation
Shopify Integration ​We worked with to help them integrate their Shopify order data into a Coda doc. Specifically, they were wanting to auto-generate a table with all items from each order in separate rows, but the Pack only offered the ability to generate rows at the orders level. We set up automations and used our coding expertise to parse the JSON and generated the desired table with each item in its own row and syncing automatically with Shopify.
Packs Implementation Process Design & Automation
Electrician Quoting ​We built a quoting system for . They approached us looking for a solution for their laborious process of repeatedly digging up numerous material costs, manually calculating totals, and building customer quotes. This process added many hours to an already full work week for the company so the owner was spending their weekends working on quotes. We implemented a solution that keeps all material pricing automatically updated, utilizes quick quoting templates and outputs a finalized quote. The owner can now build quotes quickly while on the work site and has reclaimed their weekends.
New Doc Buildout Process Design & Automation
We’ve also built several custom packs:
Export your Coda tables as Excel or CSV file types
Email or download Coda tables as Excel or CSV files
Upload your Coda tables and attachments to Google Drive/Sheets
Generate word docs from a template

❛❛ The quality of the work was beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Little Robot to work on any project. ❜❜– Kirsteen Laing, Administrator,

❛❛ The team is incredibly communicative, responsive, easy to work with, and understands the delicate balancing act of feature-rich and time constraints. ❜❜ – Jacob Hernandez, CTO,

Who we’ve worked with
Seaton Forest Products
Vana Chupp Studio
Kelly Klee
Inskip Electric Ltd
Canadian Cattle Association

Our Team
Courtney Milligan
Software + No-code Developer
Courtney is one of our no-code developers who specializes in Coda apps. She is also a software developer for our parent company, Two Story Robot. This combination of skills has made her a prime candidate for building Coda packs and helping other Coda users work through difficult Coda problems. Before Little Robot, Courtney worked as an operations consultant helping manufacturers improve their production efficiency and building them data tracking and visualization tools in Excel.
Daila Duford
No-code Developer + Project Manager
Daila is a no-code developer extrodinaire. Before Little Robot, she spent 20 years managing a not-for-profit multiplex cinema and consulting communities on the development of their own not-for-profit entertainment venues. During this time in management she developed a passion (bordering on an obsession) with spreadsheets and their ability to streamline business processes. She thought spreadsheets couldn’t be improved upon, until she discovered the power of no-code. She now spends her days helping organizations solve their biggest headaches, increase their efficiency, and grow their revenue with no-code solutions.
Steve McKenna
Steve is our professional designer for both Little Robot and our parent company, Two Story Robot. His eye for detail and creativity will blow your mind away. Even in Coda, where design customizations are limited, he can turn a plain doc into a beautiful, well-laid-out doc. Before joining Little Robot, Steve worked in design for 20+ years, making custom signs, digital art, and many other magical creations.
Amber Wetherill
Software + No-code Developer
Amber is our newest addition to the Little Robot team and is already thriving! She comes from an extensive background of software development, allowing her to find integrations and solutions for even the most technical problems. Having trouble connecting your Coda doc to another service? Amber is your gal.

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